Standard of Change Management: Roland’s Invited Feedback from the Association of Change Management Professionals

We have been receiving tremendous feedback on the first 6 videos (1,2,3,4,5,6) we posted earlier on Roland’s spontaneous thoughts on the standard management change. Here’s the next set of videos:

Video 7: Terms and Definitions

Video 8: Definition of Change Management

Video 9: Definition of Change Management (continuation)

Video 10: Section 4: Concepts

Video 11: Interlude: Outline for Rest of Videos 

Video 12: Change Management Process

Video 13: Change Management Process (continuation) 

Video 14: A Confrontation Regarding Certification

Video 15: Feedback: Flow Chart

We welcome your feedback.

Roland’s official interview with the Standard for Change Management Writing Committee, a sub-system of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) will occur next week. Creating these videos is his way of preparing his input.

We support the tremendous work ACMP is doing to establish organization change standard.


Maja Balasi for Roland

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