Standard of Change Management: Roland’s Invited Feedback from the Association of Change Management Professionals

Here is feedback from Terrence Seamon, a very experienced and successful change agent:

“True to form, Roland is enthusiastic, even passionate, witty and fierce. It is obvious at times that he released these videos hastily without much if any editing but they are rich with Roland’s memories, opinions, and keen insights.

I hope others will share their reactions.

You will enjoy these videos. I can’t wait to get back and pick up the series…”


PS to Roland – How about a follow up series where you interview 12 to 15 other sages of OD and CM, sitting on your porch?

Terrence Seamon, author of the guide for transitioners “To Your Success!” the leader’s guide to engagement “Lead the Way” and the change agent’s guide to improvement “Change for the Better”

Here are three additional videos:

Video 4: Presence is key along with knowledge and skills

Video 5: Standard for dealing with global cultures

Video 6: More definitions from Roland

Understand that Roland contradicts himself because he believes in polarity management. One view maybe true in one context while the same view may not be true in another context.

More videos to come. Stay tuned.


-Maja Balasi for Roland.



One Response to “Standard of Change Management: Roland’s Invited Feedback from the Association of Change Management Professionals”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    Thank you Maja. Thank you Terrence. Yes. I released these with NO editing. Just do not have time. If I find time, I will video my Standard for leading change. Management of change comes after leading change or we might say that Change Management is really Project Management. And Project Management is an absolute necessity to implement Whole System Change.


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