Relationships: The Essence of Facilitating Positive Change


In a recent conversation with my teaching magistrate, Dr. Gerard Egan from Loyola University, we discussed his publishing with me the importance of getting back to the basics of Organization Development (OD)/ Change Management (CM).

He shared with me the incredible importance of relationships, connections, networking and group dynamics in the system. He says that we’ve lost our link to our roots in relationships.

In reviewing the latest IBM CEO Global research, it is determined that connecting is what is absolutely key in todays world.

Peter block, in my mind the best organization change teacher in the world, says that organization development consulting is all about relationships.

I share with you a postscript to the previous blog entry. Very simply Dr. Karen says it all in her last few lines of this brief video.

“If we can figure out who the key connectors ( relationships) are, we work with those folks to shape and control the way the network will change.”

One of the priorities is helping those with whom I am currently engaged. The above theorem is foundational for everything that I do. Why? Because that’s how I believe positive change occurs.

Link is below:

3 Responses to “Relationships: The Essence of Facilitating Positive Change”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:


  2. Allon Says:

    Relationships serve as the ONLY platform to deal with complexity complexity


    • rolandsullivan Says:

      relationships for me are another word for connections. the latest IBM research from countless global CEOs say that connecting is a most important aspect of organizations today.

      The other one is agility or nimbleness


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