Free asccess to best of Change Management Research

Free asccess to best of Change Management Research

Roland and Bill-


Thank you for the call today, I enjoyed the conversation and the opportunity sitting in front of us.


I mentioned the “Future of Change Management” webinar I taught last month that is available for replay. You can access the video from within the Prosci Portal – a new gateway to a virtual change management workspace for change management practitioners that we released last month.


You can create an account for the Prosci Portal for free at (click the “Create” link in the lower left). Once inside the Portal, you’ll see a number of Freesources – these include hand-selected tutorial collections around particular topics (making the case for change management, roles in change management, Prosci Methodology, integrating CM and PM) and webinar replays. The Five Tenets webinar is a great introduction to how we view and position change management. This is also where you will find the Future of Change Management webinar.


Please let me know if you are able to get in – and if not, I can certainly help you find these webinars and resources.


Thank you,






Tim Creasey
Chief Development Officer
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One Response to “Free asccess to best of Change Management Research”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    On the Prosci website page of My Resources. Scroll down to free resources and click on webinar replay for the future of change management (CM)’s


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