Pope Francis. Follows principles and practices of OD

My Jesuit mentor, Rev. Egan just returned from Rome as he celebrated one of his best friends becoming a Cardinal. Dr. Egan has spent his entire life teaching Organization Development at Loyola in Chicago.  Many of his Jesuit students have practiced OD for since the 60’s. One of OD beliefs is to have intensive retreats away from the work place. Here is the Pope doing just that. 

“Francis, the first Jesuit pope, is carrying on a tradition of his religious order to hold spiritual retreats away from peoples’ usual place of work in order to inspire detachment and contemplation.”

OD believes in engaging the system. Pope Francis has been doing just that. 

OD believes that the top executives must model the way. Francis is doing such. 

All organizations and all countries can be helped a great deal if it utilizes OD. 

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