A pictorial view of the Asian OD Summit in Singapore

A pictorial view of the Asian OD Summit in Singapore

There is one quote that struck me in the video. It is: OD is an ART. OD is complex. 

When I read the draft of the new standards being created very professionally and diligently by the change management people, I reflected on the need for more emphasis on both art and complexity. For many reasons, it is difficult to quantify standards for doing change agent work. Because of the nature of the human personality, there are as many standards as there are unique personalities. Still I applaud the work to change management people are doing. Creating standards for change management is like putting the Bible or the Qur’an or the Gita into a synthesized document of standards on becoming a practicing Christian, Muslim or Hindu. 


My mentor lippitt said. “any list of professional capabilities, competencies or standards of a consultant is extensive–something like a combination of the Boy Scouts laws, requirements for admission to heaven and the essential elements for securing tenure at Ivy League college.” Page 94 — the consulting process in action–1978. 

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