How do you measure culture change?


Emma, you asked for my quick view on how to measure culture.

In my work, the greatest measurement is to ask the CEO.  On a 1 to 10 scale what was the cultural health before we started our intervention and on the 1 to 10 scale what currently is the cultural health now… Post our whole system transformation intervention.

Secondly, I ask the same question encouraging comments for each answer from the executive team.

Thirdly I go to the transformative strategic change group and ask them the same question.

Fourthly, I go to the large organization and have them answer the same question in a survey that should not take them more than 2-3 minutes to fill out

In one organization, before the computer would work on Friday morning everyone needed to give  a culture assessment of the organization for that week along with suggestions for change.

One bit of advice.  The last thing one should do is ever focus on cultural change as the primary attention.

Such needs to be integrated along with the systemwide change plan and the strategic plan.

Must start with cultural change within the executive team.

I am aware of one of the proclaimed culture consulting firms that just had their $5 million contract canceled because what they were doing was with the focus just on culture… simply was not working. Their approach was more training and telling and trying to implant what they felt was the ideal culture.

An organization’s culture can only be created by the people in the system with great and courageous leadership.

Yes, they can read what great cultures look like in other organizations and they can bring in a world expert on culture but then the system must be engaged in creating and measuring and continually updating the culture that works best for them.

Alexis has become a trusted connection via Linkedin. Here is his sum of best culture articles.

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