Senior Team Alignment: What are the signs?

Our Pepperdine online alumni group co-created the following when some one asked for help to answer her CEO’ questions.

What does it mean to have senior team alignment? What are the signs that they are aligned? 

1. Trust each other to the extent that you can give direct/authentic feedback, be vulnerable with each other, ask for help, and admit weaknesses.

2. Vision Alignment: walking and talking in sync in regards to the vision for the organization and how you will achieve it.

3. Strategy Alignment with specific approach/tactics (so that when you each speak in front of group you are saying the same thing – so it is believable to the whole organization).

4. Feedback: Have thoroughly provided feedback to each other through the senior team alignment process and have discussed everything so that there are no “secret pockets”.

5. Challenge each other’s thinking until solid solutions are found and/or can put aside ego to support each other’s success until that happens.

6. Healthy conflict about ideas and decisions: Have open and productive conflict regularly

7. Achieve Commitment: Are clear on what you are trying to accomplish and bought in to executing it. What happens when the team leaves the room? What are you all saying/doing that shows alignment/misalignment?

8. Accountability: Holding each other accountable for results. Consequences must be mutually agreed to. All must have real skin in the game.

9. Results Focus: Willing to sacrifice one’s own personal gain or the needs of one’s individual departments to support the shared vision / goal.

10. Have a safe way for all in the organization to tell their truth to the senior team so alignment can become whole system.

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