Roland’s Ode to Chris Argyris

Dr. Chris Argyris was unanimously the favorite professor in my MSOD Pepperdine program. Here I share the most important conceptual framework that our class believed to be the key theory for our professional work as change agents.

Video in Memory of Argyris

4 Responses to “Roland’s Ode to Chris Argyris”

  1. Mike Willis Says:

    Rolland, thanks for the video and sharing your experiences with Chris Argyris. His work has greatly influenced my work and I greatly appreciate his contributions to our profession. Look forward to your longer video.


  2. Mike Willis Says:

    Roland, thanks for the video tribute to Chris Argyris. While his books were difficult to read, they were packed with great insights and application.

    Thanks for sharing.



  3. rolandsullivan Says:

    Mike, And his double and triple loop (transformation) learning theory is awesome.


  4. Tom Says:

    Chris Argyris was a brillaint scholar, insightful and creativ OD theorist , small and simple in stature but giant in mind and spirit.His learning theories and penetrating thoughts are matchless.OD is ever indebted to Argyris.May his noble soul live and inspire the future …Thanks Rolland for your tribute.


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