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Breaking News- My Airbus Client is named CIO of the Year!!

November 27, 2013


Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure and pride that I share with you that I was awarded the title of “CIO of the year” last Thursday in Germany.

 This title is awarded each year by the best known ICT magazines in Germany, the “Computerwoche” and “CIO Magazine”, which annually task a professional jury (recruited from very well-known German Universities) to select a “CIO of the year”, based on criteria like outstanding recent project deliverables, technical competencies, relationship management between business and ICT, visionary orientation, and influence in the organisation and leadership skills.

 As I said in my “thank you” speech when receiving the award, I consider it primarily as recognition for the work of my entire team in the last few years both at Airbus and at EADS. Without your engagement and our common successes, this would never have happened!

 I therefore would like to thank and congratulate all of you on our shared achievement. I see this as an excellent appreciation of our great teamwork and our contributions to the business!

 For additional information, see Computerwoche including a short interview with me and the brochure (in German only unfortunately).

 With warmest regards,

 Guus Dekkers

CIO Airbus & EADS Corporate CIO


Below: My daugher with smiling and red tied Guus in the background at one of our famed engagement summits. She was the Cazreena of the 300 person transformation. 




Part of her logistics team with internal change agent, Susan, in red. 




Below the design team. This case is just being published in the 10th edition of Organization Development by Worley and his Guru Professor Cummings at USC. 

The results have been out of this world. Guss received the top engagement rating of all of EADS verified by Gallop Poll.



And the stage below: 






People hard at work





Guus and Susan just held their 5th summit without us and all agreed that it was the best ever. The point is that I expect my interventions to be repeated without me. I expect them to continue to get better and better as time goes on.  I have more publications and private videos for your edification. Just email me at

Field Guide For Change Agents

November 23, 2013

According to Dick Beckhard, Roland Sullivan is one of the 100 original Change Agents.

The phrase “change agent” was first heard at the Tavistock Institute in England by Bob Blake, Chris Argyris, Jack Gibb and other NTL fellows. They brought it back to NTL.

Roland first heard it in 1962 from a NTL lab with Charlie Seashore.

Here is a Field Guide for Change Agents developed by Rodd Lucier.

Maja Balasi for Roland Sullivan

Roland’s Ode to Chris Argyris

November 20, 2013

Dr. Chris Argyris was unanimously the favorite professor in my MSOD Pepperdine program. Here I share the most important conceptual framework that our class believed to be the key theory for our professional work as change agents.

Video in Memory of Argyris

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