System Thinking is essential for happy organization change managment




Today the bright Russ Briggs and the innovative Mitch Ditkoff spoke of the importance of Dr. Ackoff contribution to our world of management. We are dreaming about integrating Risk Management, Innovation and Whole Systems Transformation to help industries such as health care to minimize Risk in their world. 

My mentor, Kathie Dannenmiller used Ackoff as one of her 12 main theorists in the transformation work she initiated at Boeing and Ford in the late 70’s. 

I share these 6 short Ackoff videos for all of you that wish to start or to reinforce bringing general systems theory into your life. 

System Thinking by Dr. Russell Ackoff

Part I

 Part II

 Part III


Systems Based improvement by Ackoff

Part I

 Part II

 Part III


 Note the word System in the final definition of OD by the Dick Beckhard and myself.

 According to Sullivan and Beckhard; OD is “a wholistic systemic and systematic change effort, using behavioral science competencies to change or transform the organization to a new desired state” (Sullivan and Beckhard, 1999, personal interaction.

 Systemic means all parts make up a whole.

 Systematic means the intervention has a logical and synergistic interactions.









According to the above definition, very few are doing real OD. We anticipate that successful Change Consultants will more and more return to “Whole System” work.

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2 Responses to “System Thinking is essential for happy organization change managment”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    Another Ackhoff video. A great summary of all of the above.


  2. Mitch Ditkoff Says:

    Thanks for these links, Roland!


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