The edge of consciousness is opening to Immortality.

The edge of consciousness is opening to Immortality.

It is with great sorrow that share with you the accidental death of an awesome client and friend. Jim Kowalski. The world of OD brings special human values to it’s universe. Few clients have embodied the relationship values of OD exhibited by the Kowalski family.

In my traditional executive team high level intensive at their family cabin when they were just starting out their business, I remember so clearly the positive feedback session where hours of tearful joy was expressed among all.

Jim lead by example. He truly loved his family, each employee, customers and the community. For me there is no other store where customers feel so much at home.

His is an organization of the future where the customer is listened to and people come first.

May we all find the extraordinary transcendent purpose that Jim modeled for all.

From the newspaper today:

“Inspired by an obligation “to a whole that needs to stay true to the common good, rather than merely meet individual needs and interests,” Kowalski’s family organization has “found a more transcendent purpose to people’s daily work, which translates to great service not only to themselves, but to customers and the community as well.”

Jim and Mary Anne Kowalski have both received industry honors, Jim as Minnesota Grocer of the Year and Mary Anne as the National Grocers Association Woman of the Year. But they consider their real accomplishments to be building lasting relationships with customers and employees.”

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