Greatness, Courage and Vision

I share a quote from an email I received this AM from the 87 year old famed Professor P. Koestenbaum.  

“Everything we in the Troika now do needs to be done in the Leadership Diamond(R)   spirit, that is, in the framework of GREATNESS, a recognition of the eternal presence of free will, and COURAGE, which means relentless and unceasing initiative, and VISION, always expecting genius work.

Our work together is not for wimps, for losing sight of the things that matter most.”

The  Troika  is:

 Koestenbaum the number 1 business philosopher, creator of the Leadership Diamond from 50 years of philosophical primordial wondering of humankind’s generated wisdom since the inception of  recorded civilization.

Dr. Mahamouda, a client in a unique position with an extraordinary commitment to change the world because of his african roots groomed by his courageous European and USA immersion. 

Yours truly, who is uplifted in each encounter with the above dyadic luminaries.

 I share this because my wish for you is to be and become persistent in freely choosing to model for your world doing and being your absolute best and greatest work. 

Be good. Do good. Be great. Do great work. 

Roland Image

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