To the senior …

To the senior most academic change management professor living in the world.

Sir. ( am respecting confidentiality) 

I just shed a tear embracing your spirit.

Hang in there with your pain. 

Am working intensely these days with 87 year old Dr. Peter Koestenbaum who use to hang with the Lewin family members.  Almost in each conversation Professor PK and I speak of our immortality. 

For me there is no death. For me there is only IMMORTALITY! 

I have been certain about the grand life beyond since my 20’s.  Professor PK has the same belief, as I know you do.

We are not this body. We are our consciousness.  Koestenbaum and I are attempting to help an entire client city live on the edge of consciousness as transform to a bright future.

Push your consciousness to the edge. Transcend the pain and enjoy the non-physical world of the heavens here now.  

You are an inspiration to me.

Was a joy to see Dr. John Scherer and Matt Minnihan also offer their best wishes. I know both of them love you so dearly. All three of us have been most influenced by you. 

In fact, I invite you to join John and Matt in contributing to the fourth Edition of Practicing OD.  

Roland Sullivan  for the thousands of OD people that have learned from you.

PS. I just told my daughter that I want no pubic funeral. I just want those I leave behind to celebrate their being and becoming when I  transform to a higher consciousness.

 If I can muster up the courage, I will have a video made of me soon dancing down the isle of my local church mustered among the deep woods next to my Deephaven home.  At the hour I drop my  body I will have my daughter place it  on YouTube. 


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