My answer to the engagement measurement question on Linkedin.

My answer to the engagement measurement question on Linkedin.

Kevin… I am for measurement. I have a team of highly regarded professionals that can set up a wonderful metric system. I have edited 4 chapters in books on measurement of OD. But someone must pay for true measurement.

To do so I at least need client time to work on it with me. Most freely choose not to do so. Has been the case with most organizations.

Of course, I have volumes of information on results. Yet. It is not the professional research that i would like. When I do large groups. I gather evaluation data each day. The design team reads statements from each participant. We use the information to design the next day. All in all, the results stand out i.e. the stock price just tripled in 10 months or we can say we spent 6 million usd and can see a return of 96 million.

I had one successful case recently where we had 12 Skunks to kill. Each of the 12 teams kept a measurement or evaluation of what occurred with each team.

In another case, in one of the world’s largest organizations. The division I was working on won the top change effort among hundreds submitted. The corporate wide research .. I think it was a Gallop instrument…indicated that the function I worked with had the greatest increase in and the highest engagement score of the almost 100 billion Euro company. Now I do not call that measurement because we did not plan to use such when we started. It was fall out measurement. In fact, the 5 awards they received from corporate had nothing to do with the engagement scores. It sure made my client happy because he is SO competitive with his 100’s of peers.

In another case… ABSA (now part of Barclay). The division I was working with increased profit 69%. All of the other 49 divisions only went up from 2 to 7%. We know what the difference was. WST. Again this is not measurement for me. It is not planned.

So often what I do is I ask at the end what the obvious results are. In all my cases but two in 1,ooo, I can mark extraordinary stories of evidence of positive change.

The true measurement for me is that the change journey I started is essentially still going 5 years latter…without me. If fact, the organization needs to be getting better at executing what I started.

Recently a client said. We just had our greatest ever summit. Being the researcher I am.. I asked… how do you know… give me evidence.. They said… if you recall, you gave us large red and green cards to hold up. Our CEO at the end of the 3 days with 300 people in the room said.. How many believe we just had our greatest summit ever..All green cards went up. That was measured informal results for me. And they said. were not even here… but only in spirit.

And I can go on and on with stories like that. Oh. here is another one. Had a client that can say because what we did.. we have without doubt saved lives. Not intended to be measured but in reflection.. nice evidence or another one.. we just saved the Redwoods. Well.. what we know is that they were dying… our effort changed legislation.. and tell me… are they now again living and are not going to die…

See the article I just posted on my profile called WST from Change Champions. I have a list of sample measured results.

Kevin. I realize I was flippant in my answer and I truly support you on measurement. My writing says the measurement system needs to be set up very soon in the journey.

Typically what I do is to co-create the outcomes with the CEO. For each outcome we put a soft and/or a hard measurement. Then I price the work according to the value.

AND when Dave Noer speaks, I listen.

My next task is to turn around for the world the failure going on in Talent Management.
Come to my Lindedin group: Accelerated talent Mangement utilizing Enterprise-wide Change Mang.

Solid research from Harvard says that Talent Management programs according to 1,000 CEO’s FAIL. This is an OD group. We can turn that around. If not us, then tell me who.

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