Free view of Longevity videos have been extended to July 7th

Free view of Longevity videos have been extended to July 7th

I have viewed all videos. They are agents of  change. 

Viewing them has indeed changed my life. I am making radical positive changes to my personal health culture.

Let me explain why I have included this link here. My career has shifted. It has transformed. That means that the old caterpillar has become a new butterfly. The key here is that DNA from my almost 50 year career is still the core of who I am and what I do and how I perform. 

My new mission is to help external and internal change agents transform themselves in the context of transforming and changing whole systems. No one that I know of has this same mission… especially when you understand how and why I have this as my transformed mission.

 This is where I believe change managment must go and I am starting to see the field move toward the view that I have held since the early 1970’s when I coined the phrase “Whole System Transformation.”

 Change must start with our selves. These videos will challenge dramatically any one who views them. The future is here. Soon the world will become educated on the new wholistic health scientific discoveries.

Each and every one of the world’s systems will be drastically challenged to adjust to the new transformations coming in Health, Nano-Technology and Globalization. Each and every one of us is concerned with our health. This is especially so when we are ill. These videos put us in control of our life and energy and happiness. Enjoy.

Oh the stories I have around working with David Wolf and the instigator of these conferences… Len Foley. I advised on the design of the early conferences. I am still advising Len. We need to get them to engage the people. In my world, the sages on the stage must be replaced with the guides on the side. At least, we need more dialoge with the audience from points of application table work. David suggests that participants take away a couple of action items. I want them to leave with a comprehensive family change plan. Oh well. In time the conferences will evolve. Who can argue with their phenomenal  success. 

Over 25,000 people crashed the web site from around the world for these videos the first day. Thus the offer has been extended with now a larger server. 

In any case, Len and David have really learned to transcend and work with the establishment. Dr. Hal, the number 1 change agents for dentistry in the world, here has learned with work with the establishment.  You listen to him closely and I will promise you that you will attend to your teeth in a better way. His research is just plane shocking. Yes. If some of you are like me, you have neglected your teeth or have previous tooth care that right this minute damaging your heath. 

Back to the establishment like these pioneer health care professionals have learned to master, I have learned to work with the establishment. I can authentically work with any different view. Why? Because being an effective change agent in the facilitative style I have requires me to be totally neutral. I am an Applied Behavioral Scientist.  I make no judgments non-related to process. I help all systems get in touch with their own values. I have no other motivation other than to help as long as what I do is legal and ethical. I accept all people where they are. Edie Seashore (the God mother of OD)  dramatically helped me with this (privately I will tell you the story).  I love all. Muslims, Hindus, nerds, criminals, especially the poor and even Conservative Catholics. And yes, I believe in the USA justice system and the soon coming world wide justice system.  I have learned to help anyone to become more of their ethical best.

I say all the above to prepare you for the videos. Because they will challenge each and every one of you. Most are not ready to learn and change. That is fine. You will just miss out on the new future that is here now. 

Thus…. I hope a few of you benefit from these videos.

 Some videos are better than others. I suggest you look at the presenters Bio’s first and then go to the ones that strike your highest interest first. 

Let me know if they changed your life.

CC: David Wolf and Len Foley 


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