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Our Second Edition of Change Champions has been out only one week and is already in the top 50 Organization Change books.

July 27, 2013

Our Second Edition of Change Champions has been out only one week and is already in the top 50 Organization Change books.

Many of the great OD gurus write in it like Schein, Oshry, Katz, Burke, Cooperidder, Koestenbaum ( #1 business philosopher of all time), Weisbord, Owen, Axelrod, Ulrich, Goldsmith, B. Johnson, Rothwell, Balasi, Janoff, Warrick,  Dannemiller team ( Eggers), Kimball and so forth. 

 A highlight for me is Burke’s chapter on his four phases of leading organization Change:

  1. Pre-launch
  2. Launch
  3. Post Launch
  4. Sustainment

 This is his clearest summary ever.  Burke said at a recent presentation that 70% of change efforts fail. Why? In my mind because canned tools are depended on entirely too much. Greater success would occur if Change Agents understood Schein’s process consultation and practiced Burke’s phases. Since he first unveiled the phases at an Academy of Management presentation, I have used his 4 phases as the foundation of my Whole System Transformation Methodology.

It just might be so that Warner Burke has authored more popular Organization Change books and chapters than anyone. I also suggest one read his latest edition of “Organization Change.” Another book that I highly recommend is Weisbord’s latest edition of “Productive Workplaces.” And of course, the new book just out by Schein titled “Humble Inquiry.”



Neuro-Science and OD with the Dr. Rock webinar at BPI

July 26, 2013

Neuro-Science and OD with the Dr. Rock webinar at BPI

I am very selective on how I spend my time learning.  Well, my daughter tells me to pay attention to Neuro-Science and so I have. Enjoy this webinar. David has invited us free to his 10,000 upcoming conference  by just joining on-line. Stay tuned for details.

Dubai Podcast with Emma on Whole System Transformation

July 25, 2013

Dubai Podcast with Emma on Whole System Transformation

An overview on how I help an enterprise become dramatically different and more effective.

An Executive Team from Dubai just transformed

One of my great Executive Teams in Dubai just Transformed. They actually look happy.

Roland's arm around Charlie who with Edie and others wrote the first book focused on Feedback

My arm around the guy who started me from National Training Laboratories (once in Bethel Main, USA.)

See a past blog for 4 videos that sum up his life as a Change Agent. His Wife, Edie, joins him. Everyone loved Charlie. He touched so many lives.

Thank you Emma for spreading the truth about Organization Change

Thank you Emma for making the Podcast and spreading the truth about Organization Change

We are living in the most exciting times in the history of the world.

My answer to the engagement measurement question on Linkedin.

July 22, 2013

My answer to the engagement measurement question on Linkedin.

Kevin… I am for measurement. I have a team of highly regarded professionals that can set up a wonderful metric system. I have edited 4 chapters in books on measurement of OD. But someone must pay for true measurement.

To do so I at least need client time to work on it with me. Most freely choose not to do so. Has been the case with most organizations.

Of course, I have volumes of information on results. Yet. It is not the professional research that i would like. When I do large groups. I gather evaluation data each day. The design team reads statements from each participant. We use the information to design the next day. All in all, the results stand out i.e. the stock price just tripled in 10 months or we can say we spent 6 million usd and can see a return of 96 million.

I had one successful case recently where we had 12 Skunks to kill. Each of the 12 teams kept a measurement or evaluation of what occurred with each team.

In another case, in one of the world’s largest organizations. The division I was working on won the top change effort among hundreds submitted. The corporate wide research .. I think it was a Gallop instrument…indicated that the function I worked with had the greatest increase in and the highest engagement score of the almost 100 billion Euro company. Now I do not call that measurement because we did not plan to use such when we started. It was fall out measurement. In fact, the 5 awards they received from corporate had nothing to do with the engagement scores. It sure made my client happy because he is SO competitive with his 100’s of peers.

In another case… ABSA (now part of Barclay). The division I was working with increased profit 69%. All of the other 49 divisions only went up from 2 to 7%. We know what the difference was. WST. Again this is not measurement for me. It is not planned.

So often what I do is I ask at the end what the obvious results are. In all my cases but two in 1,ooo, I can mark extraordinary stories of evidence of positive change.

The true measurement for me is that the change journey I started is essentially still going 5 years latter…without me. If fact, the organization needs to be getting better at executing what I started.

Recently a client said. We just had our greatest ever summit. Being the researcher I am.. I asked… how do you know… give me evidence.. They said… if you recall, you gave us large red and green cards to hold up. Our CEO at the end of the 3 days with 300 people in the room said.. How many believe we just had our greatest summit ever..All green cards went up. That was measured informal results for me. And they said. were not even here… but only in spirit.

And I can go on and on with stories like that. Oh. here is another one. Had a client that can say because what we did.. we have without doubt saved lives. Not intended to be measured but in reflection.. nice evidence or another one.. we just saved the Redwoods. Well.. what we know is that they were dying… our effort changed legislation.. and tell me… are they now again living and are not going to die…

See the article I just posted on my profile called WST from Change Champions. I have a list of sample measured results.

Kevin. I realize I was flippant in my answer and I truly support you on measurement. My writing says the measurement system needs to be set up very soon in the journey.

Typically what I do is to co-create the outcomes with the CEO. For each outcome we put a soft and/or a hard measurement. Then I price the work according to the value.

AND when Dave Noer speaks, I listen.

My next task is to turn around for the world the failure going on in Talent Management.
Come to my Lindedin group: Accelerated talent Mangement utilizing Enterprise-wide Change Mang.

Solid research from Harvard says that Talent Management programs according to 1,000 CEO’s FAIL. This is an OD group. We can turn that around. If not us, then tell me who.

Accelerated Talent Management Utilizing Change Management/Whole System Transformation

July 21, 2013

Accelerated Talent Management Utilizing Change Management/Whole System Transformation

ATM Manila keynote link:

Come to Linkedin and join the new Penn State Group titled: Accelerated Talent Management Utilizing Change Management ( OD ) Methodologies

The link is my keynote this afternoon for the Philippines in a ying yang with my pal Professor Rothwell.

My simple answer to Leadership Development Success

July 20, 2013

My answer to how leadership development programs can succeed.

I prepared my answer to why leadership development fails in a discussion at the organization development network group on LinkedIn.  I thought I would share this also with you.

My leadership development programs never fail.

I know that sounds arrogant. Well I started this process with a Charlie Seashore T group in 1962. One would think that over time, one finally gets it right. Leadership was always an important part of the national training laboratory learning experience. My mentor, Dick Beckhard  a key person at NTL, told me that he was the first to bring leadership development training to Europe.

My simple answer is that when I integrate Leadership Development with whole systems change methodology, It always succeeds. Why, because I use authentic learning processes from the traditional profession of organization development. I engage the whole system through action research utilizing the Argyris model of valid data followed by free choice resulting in internal commitment. I also have another 12 or so theoreticians that I use i.e. Gibb, Lippitt, Danemiller, Beckhard, Schein, Weisbord, Alban, Burke and so forth.

Allow me one true story:

Once upon a time there was an organization of 1,200 people that needed leadership development.

Before we started, the HR group for five years god resistance.

I started as I always start…with a 2 1/2 day executive team transformation old-fashioned teambuilding. The main focus was leadership.  The team became transformed and aligned around a new vision. As Miles said above, we needed to take the concept from Bennis and authentically put vision into reality.

We did so by first designing a three-day large group interactive experience with the 200 leaders of the organization.

Here is some dialogue from that meeting. They were trying to decide how to bring the vision alive in the rest of the organization.

Mike, who is famous even on national television, broke one of my rules in a large meeting by standing up and grabbing the microphone.

He said, “How many of you did not want to come to this meeting. Please raise your hand. I expect total honesty because the last two days has changed our culture to one of trust and openness and self-realization and interdependence. ( I had taught them Gibb’s TORI theory)

About 80% of the hands went up

Then he said.  How many believe this is the most compelling meeting we’ve ever had in your tenure here?

Every hand went up but 2.

He said.  We’ve just made our decision about how we are going to respond to our CEO’s charge, that we just heard, for us being responsible for bringing the vision into reality.

I suggest that we hold engagement summits like this with the rest of the organization.

People cheered.

They then went on, in front of me, and made a decision as to what consultant they should hire to lead them through the process. After 30 minute dialogue (I had lost control)  the group unanimously decided to go with me

We then went on with our two summits.  The first summit handed their work over to the second summit. The executive team became heroes.

In my summit design work, I always invite the organization to bring in the world expert related to their focus of change. In this case, it was leadership.

Allow me to digress:

I gave the design team my favorite leadership consultant names. They did their own research and  freely choose my favorite, Dr. Bob Terry. Thus, the late Dr. Bob Terry, keynoted both events that ended in standing ovations. One feedback sheet named him, “Santa Clause on speed.”

Bob and I first met at NTL in the 60’s.  Dr. Terry and I were writing a book integrating his leadership theory with my Whole System Transformation ™ at the time of his death.

Building on the notion of action research in using the image of a wheel to denote whole system he named his leadership work the around the concept of an “Action Wheel Leadership”

Check out a web site dedicated to his contribution. His leadership work is classic.

Unlike most leadership theory, it is truly based on Whole SystemTheory!

Back to the story. The result: The whole system designed a leadership program that ultimately turned out to be 12 inches deep of paper. They continued the journey for years, using the same process to tackle new issues.  Jim C. the internal change agent, still to this day is one of my most treasured friends.

Every person in the organization went through that leadership development follow up process with glee and joy. Why? Because they felt listened to, empowered and in the context of a very important mission, freedom to do it their way…the way of  collective system intelligence…not what the CEO wanted or with some leadership framework imposed on them by some outside consulting firm.

So there you have it, my answer and story to leadership development.  Engage the whole organization starting at the top.

Part four:

Yesterday Dr. Koestenbaum asked me to incorporate my whole system change processes with his wonderful leadership Diamond theory. The issue is I just don’t have time to go find a client for him. In my mind, he is the all time number one leading business philosopher with a specialty in leadership. His stuff is deep but by God it’s right.

Instead the world is telling me that the issue of CEO’s today is talent management and not leadership.

Therefore the only person I know who has four editions of a book called “Talent Management,” is Professor Rothwell,  He asked just asked me to incorporate my work with his. Thus, I have started a new group here at Linkedin.

The title is:  Accelerating talent management ™ utilizing enterprise-wide change management.

Join the conversation if you’re interested in talent management, organization development style

To my pal. Robert Crosby (as far as I know the senior T- group guru living today)

I’m starting to think about how to create an online T-group.

I can’t announce the University that going to be involved at this time.

Final and official approval still needs to occur. We have just signed up the first person for the Masters in OD online.  Others can sign up now and take their first online course this fall.

(Forgive the typos. I do not have the time to proof. )


Dr. Bob Terry.

A precis of Talent Management application with OD principles and practices

July 17, 2013
Accelerated Talent Management™ using Whole System Transformation™ Methodology!
CAPix innovative partner
in collaboration with Dr. William J. Rothwell
Presentation for PSTD Foundation Inc, Manila & Cebu, Philipiines at Asian Institute of Management

Align your team with direction!

Many organizations are experiencing the need to improve the number and quality of people they attract, develop and retain so as to meet needs resulting from such issues as pending retirements, explosive business growth, or competitive problems. While talent management is usually associated with a systematic process of attracting, developing and retaining talented people, about 70 percent of all such programs fail within the first 3 years. There are many reasons for failure. Common reasons include:

– Executive leadership not completely involved and aligned around strategic workplace learning,
– Lack of clear and measurable goals,
– Lack of clear roles for different stakeholder groups (such as senior leaders, HR practitioners, operating managers, and workers),
– lack of accountability systems to ensure that each stakeholder group acts according to their expected roles to help the organization achieve its targeted talent goals
– The critical mass not engaged in the understanding and assimilation of strategic direction
– All employees engaged rather than having a program cascaded and imposed upon them

Setting up and sustaining a talent program can be challenging. Many elements must be integrated if a talent management program is to be successful. Organizations need present and future profiles of ideal performers (competency models), performance management systems that are objective and well integrated with measurable organizational productivity goals, objective promotion systems and systematic approaches to build individual and group capacity to meet future organizational needs. Creating these elements can be time-consuming and expensive. Working in large transformative summits reduce the cost and risk of failure. Software solutions alone will not work simply because they provide the means to use the existing content that must be created by the organization and its leaders in ways that are effectively tied to national and organizational culture.

One solution is to first help Executive leadership transform their attitude, behavior and direction for managing and leading the talent of the organization. Secondly we design summits with design teams representing the enterprise as a whole. Thirdly we set up a perpetual talent management journey that sustains itself long-term. Fourthly we focus on helping an internal change agent to continue to facilitate the effort with reduced dependence on external resources.

In sum, the purpose of Accelerated Talent Management™ (ATM) is to execute a systematic approach that builds commitment among decision-makers and workers while also creating the essential elements of an effective talent and succession management system that produces a thriving business.


To follow our dialogue and learnings join the group at Linkedin that Rothwell and I started. It is titled: “Accelerated Talent Management Utilizing Change Management Methodology”



Rothwell with Dr. Perla, a 25 year friend who I gave the Asia OD Network Lifetime achievement award to. She is one of the leading women who has brought OD to Asia. Bill is signing our third edition text book that she uses in the Masters and Ph.D programs at Assumption University. Our next AODN Summit will be at Assumption in Thailand. 

Accelerated Talent Management ™ Utilizing Change Management (OD) Methodology

July 15, 2013

Accelerated Talent Management ™ Utilizing Change Management (OD) Methodology

ATM Manila keynote link: Come to Linkedin and join the new Penn State Group titled: Accelerated Talent Management Utilizing Change Management ( OD ) Methodologies  The link is my keynote this afternoon for the Philippines in a ying yang with my pal Professor Rothwell. 

Ask your questions. Challenge our assumptions. Offer your wisdom at the Linkedin Group. 

My profession has just transformed for the 4th time

July 12, 2013

First Transformation: Mastering small group interventions ( 1978).  Second:  Mastering large group interventions (1990).  Third:  Mastering sustainable whole system change-latest case will be in the Cummings and Worley 10th edition (2013). Fourth:  And now in the last 2 months what I believe will be the final transformation of my career.

“Helping an individual change agent transform themselves in the context of sustainable transformation of the whole system – with no cost – learn and earn.”

Of course, I utilize all I learned from the first 3 transformations.  This can be done with or without the new OD certificate from Penn State’s HRD program- rated number 1 in the USA.

Act. And have a conversation how you can benefit. I know of no one else with such obsessive focus. If you do, introduce me to them. We will learn from each other.

Addendum:  For special learning I integrate two top Professors in their respected areas: Professor Rothwell around Accelerated Talent Management and Professor Koestenbaum around the Leadership Diamond.

So in sum, I help external or interchange agents to change themselves to powerfully change an organization long term. Two specialities are Leadership and Talent Management.

The graphic below is what I do. I shift the grey to the large colored potential. Image

Free view of Longevity videos have been extended to July 7th

July 2, 2013

Free view of Longevity videos have been extended to July 7th

I have viewed all videos. They are agents of  change. 

Viewing them has indeed changed my life. I am making radical positive changes to my personal health culture.

Let me explain why I have included this link here. My career has shifted. It has transformed. That means that the old caterpillar has become a new butterfly. The key here is that DNA from my almost 50 year career is still the core of who I am and what I do and how I perform. 

My new mission is to help external and internal change agents transform themselves in the context of transforming and changing whole systems. No one that I know of has this same mission… especially when you understand how and why I have this as my transformed mission.

 This is where I believe change managment must go and I am starting to see the field move toward the view that I have held since the early 1970’s when I coined the phrase “Whole System Transformation.”

 Change must start with our selves. These videos will challenge dramatically any one who views them. The future is here. Soon the world will become educated on the new wholistic health scientific discoveries.

Each and every one of the world’s systems will be drastically challenged to adjust to the new transformations coming in Health, Nano-Technology and Globalization. Each and every one of us is concerned with our health. This is especially so when we are ill. These videos put us in control of our life and energy and happiness. Enjoy.

Oh the stories I have around working with David Wolf and the instigator of these conferences… Len Foley. I advised on the design of the early conferences. I am still advising Len. We need to get them to engage the people. In my world, the sages on the stage must be replaced with the guides on the side. At least, we need more dialoge with the audience from points of application table work. David suggests that participants take away a couple of action items. I want them to leave with a comprehensive family change plan. Oh well. In time the conferences will evolve. Who can argue with their phenomenal  success. 

Over 25,000 people crashed the web site from around the world for these videos the first day. Thus the offer has been extended with now a larger server. 

In any case, Len and David have really learned to transcend and work with the establishment. Dr. Hal, the number 1 change agents for dentistry in the world, here has learned with work with the establishment.  You listen to him closely and I will promise you that you will attend to your teeth in a better way. His research is just plane shocking. Yes. If some of you are like me, you have neglected your teeth or have previous tooth care that right this minute damaging your heath. 

Back to the establishment like these pioneer health care professionals have learned to master, I have learned to work with the establishment. I can authentically work with any different view. Why? Because being an effective change agent in the facilitative style I have requires me to be totally neutral. I am an Applied Behavioral Scientist.  I make no judgments non-related to process. I help all systems get in touch with their own values. I have no other motivation other than to help as long as what I do is legal and ethical. I accept all people where they are. Edie Seashore (the God mother of OD)  dramatically helped me with this (privately I will tell you the story).  I love all. Muslims, Hindus, nerds, criminals, especially the poor and even Conservative Catholics. And yes, I believe in the USA justice system and the soon coming world wide justice system.  I have learned to help anyone to become more of their ethical best.

I say all the above to prepare you for the videos. Because they will challenge each and every one of you. Most are not ready to learn and change. That is fine. You will just miss out on the new future that is here now. 

Thus…. I hope a few of you benefit from these videos.

 Some videos are better than others. I suggest you look at the presenters Bio’s first and then go to the ones that strike your highest interest first. 

Let me know if they changed your life.

CC: David Wolf and Len Foley 

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