Free 3 days of learning, transform your life now. David transformed my life.

Free 3 days of learning, transform your life now. David transformed my life.

This is an incredible free 3 days of learning. I read David’s very first book years ago. He has been a client of mine. These videos are free. Those of you who known me, will begin to understand why I bring special fresh organic juice and food. I do not drink alcohol, eat meat, or now even eat cooked food.

I helped design the first event you will see here years ago. I have talked to my friend Len Foley about making the experience more engaging. Get the people at tables. Reduce the lectures and help the individuals in the room transform. Have break out rooms of special interest. 

David and Len also have a web site that I have suggested to most of my clients when they get to know me. It is It is cheap. It allows for interaction with others. I facilitated the start up in the first year. I would stay involved but my focus in life is more on organization change. The site only costs ten usd to try for 30 days. You can download enough free material in 30 days to keep you learning for a years. 

I am on a ten day fast and  spiritual vacation in my woods here in Deephaven. My office is outside in the large screened in porch next to my hot tub and sauna. People around the world when I am on Skype can hear the birds sing.  i even have a bed here. I sleep in the fresh air.  So now I have over shared.

My wish is that all those I know will change their life for the better and then help change the world. These are times of change. There will be pockets of disaster. They will be pockets of illumination and joy beyond one’s believe. 

My new focus in my life is helping internal change agents become very effective in helping the organization transform. I invite all my clients that I coach individually to do as I do. We must start with “Self Change.”

Assimilating what this conference teaches is a first step.



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