A most profound statement on “Complex Systems” underpinning my 50 years of work around system change and learning

A most profound statement on “Complex Systems” underpinning my 50 years of work around system change and learning

Jay has influenced my thinking as far back as the 60’s. There is an old OD adage, If you want to understand something, try to change it.  Every since I read Bertalanffy in the 60’s, I have been engaged in system’s thinking each and every day. 

Now I am ready to teach internal change agents what I know about sustaining whole system change. Yes, Dr. Jay, our leaders MUST begin to understand general systems theory.  I help them understand and apply the “practice of system development”.  



Oh. Jay mentions feedback. Lewin, the direct teacher of my mentors was the first to ever use the word “feedback” in the context of human systems. Each day of my life is thinking about feedback. I am even working with Lou Carter to come up with an incredible on-line feedback system for individual and team change. Google “Skillrater”

There is a great book out there by one of the original 100 Change Agents, Irvin Rubin from MIT.  Get it. Read it. 


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  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    “Bertalanffy believed that the overall fate of the world depends on the adoption by humanity of a new set of values, based on a general systems Weltanschauung (worldview). “We are seeking another basic outlook: the world as organization. This [outlook] would profoundly change the categories of our thinking and influence our practical attitudes. We must envision the biosphere as a whole … with mutually reinforcing or mutually destructive interdependencies. [We need] a global system of mutually symbiotic societies, mapping new conditions into a flexible institutional structure and dealing with change through constructive reorganization.”

    A quote from the Bertanlanffy web site. Is the theorem for my boarderless key note for the 39th Artdo summit in Asia. A paper is on my web site. We hear so much about diversity today. Bertanlanffy had a focus on the importance of unity of diversity as did Dr. Sivananda, whom I met in 1963. I still read him at least once of week. Am reading and re-reading his 300 books on how to be and become all one can be and become.

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