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Free 3 days of learning, transform your life now. David transformed my life.

June 28, 2013

Free 3 days of learning, transform your life now. David transformed my life.

This is an incredible free 3 days of learning. I read David’s very first book years ago. He has been a client of mine. These videos are free. Those of you who known me, will begin to understand why I bring special fresh organic juice and food. I do not drink alcohol, eat meat, or now even eat cooked food.

I helped design the first event you will see here years ago. I have talked to my friend Len Foley about making the experience more engaging. Get the people at tables. Reduce the lectures and help the individuals in the room transform. Have break out rooms of special interest. 

David and Len also have a web site that I have suggested to most of my clients when they get to know me. It is It is cheap. It allows for interaction with others. I facilitated the start up in the first year. I would stay involved but my focus in life is more on organization change. The site only costs ten usd to try for 30 days. You can download enough free material in 30 days to keep you learning for a years. 

I am on a ten day fast and  spiritual vacation in my woods here in Deephaven. My office is outside in the large screened in porch next to my hot tub and sauna. People around the world when I am on Skype can hear the birds sing.  i even have a bed here. I sleep in the fresh air.  So now I have over shared.

My wish is that all those I know will change their life for the better and then help change the world. These are times of change. There will be pockets of disaster. They will be pockets of illumination and joy beyond one’s believe. 

My new focus in my life is helping internal change agents become very effective in helping the organization transform. I invite all my clients that I coach individually to do as I do. We must start with “Self Change.”

Assimilating what this conference teaches is a first step.


Yes. Even Roland Can Change!! Introducing Accelerated Talent Management Utilizing WST

June 23, 2013


Here I am with my friend  of 28 years, Professor William J. Rothwell. Arguably, he is one of world’s gurus around talent management and succession planning. Certainly is Number 1 in Asia.

According to U.S. News and World Report, we can say without argument that he heads the number one HRD Masters and Ph.D program at Penn State

He suggested we team up and incorporate his wisdom around talent management and my proven methodology around whole system transformation.

We have named it accelerated talent management(™)  utilizing whole system transformation(™)  or ATM: WST

In the previous blog I introduced you to Dr. John Spence. He says the number one issue today in organizations is talent management.

Bill and I believe that we can embed talent management faster, cheaper and better than it’s ever been done before.

See the accompanying article for a deeper explanation. I am open to talking about this with you at any time. The best way to reach me is at

Accelerated Talent Management™:

Utilizing Whole System Transformation ™  Methodology

 Many organizations are experiencing the need to improve the number and quality of people they attract, develop and retain so as to meet needs resulting from such issues as pending retirements, explosive business growth, or competitive problems. While talent management is usually associated with a systematic process of attracting, developing and retaining talented people, about 70 percent of all such programs fail within the first 3 years. There are many reasons for failure. Common reasons include:

-Executive leadership not completely involved and aligned around strategic workplace learning,

-Lack of clear and measurable goals,

-Lack of clear roles for different stakeholder groups (such as senior leaders, HR practitioners, operating managers, and workers),

-lack of accountability systems to ensure that each stakeholder group acts according to their expected roles to help the organization achieve its targeted talent goals

-The critical mass not engaged in the understanding and assimilation of strategic direction

-All employees engaged rather than having a program cascaded and imposed upon them

Setting up and sustaining a talent program can be challenging. Many elements must be integrated if a talent management program is to be successful. Organizations need present and future profiles of ideal performers (competency models), performance management systems that are objective and well integrated with measurable organizational productivity goals, objective promotion systems, and systematic approaches to build individual and group capacity to meet future organizational needs. Creating these elements can be time-consuming and expensive.  Working in large transformative summits  reduce the cost and risk of failure. Software solutions alone will not work simply because they provide the means to use the existing content that must be created by the organization and its leaders in ways that are effectively tied to national and organizational culture.

One solution is to first help Executive leadership transform their attitude, behavior and direction for managing and leading the talent of the organization. Secondly we design summits with design teams representing the enterprise as a whole. Thirdly we set up a perpetual talent management journey that sustains itself long-term. Fourthly we focus on helping an internal change agent(s) to continue to facilitate the effort with reduced dependence on external resources.

In sum, the purpose of Accelerated Talent Management™ (ATM) is to execute a systematic approach that builds commitment among decision-makers and workers while also creating the essential elements of an effective talent and succession management system that produces a thriving business.

ImageHere is Dr. Glenda.

Not since Glenda and I consulted General Motors and integrated her great Human System Philosophy with my WST have I done such a collaboration. You see. I am pure process. Process supports all content.

Dr. Spence has the the truth of the gospel of performance management. I have the process to embed the truth.

June 19, 2013

<a href="

Keys to performance management milestone 4.13 from John Spence

” title=” Dr. Spence has the the truth of the gospel of performance management. I have the process to embed the truth. “> Dr. Spence has the the truth of the gospel of performance management. I have the process to embed the truth.


As My Hero, Kurt Lewin, often said. There Is Nothing so Practical As a Sound Theory.

Dr. Spence Has the Sound Theory. 

My Latest Thought Is That Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch And Process Eats Theory For Lunch… If Process is  Grounded In True And Simple Theory…  The elephant’s full and begins to dance.

 For those who care about high performing organizations,  I invite you to start with John’s set of slides.  He reads 100 books a year  so you and I don’t need to.  We just need to get off our knees and stand up and listen to his Gospel  or the word of truth.

A blog from the 7th most influencial woman in business in Europe

June 18, 2013

A blog from the 7th most influencial woman in business in Europe

Dr. Judge is awesome. I am very selective on how I spend my time. Such is especially true when it comes to reading. Because I am obsessive about being a change agent, I attempt to read the best in relationship to Change Management.  This blog always gives me insight into what I do. Dr. Judge was the second to say what I have been saying all along. The most powerful person in an organization can be the Change Agent. Why? Because they can control the system process. The CEO controls the business content. Process eats content for lunch. I took that from the rising statement of today. Culture eats strategy for lunch.

Now! Go change your self for the better and intervene today in any system you are involved with and help it be and  become all it can be.

A most profound statement on “Complex Systems” underpinning my 50 years of work around system change and learning

June 18, 2013

A most profound statement on “Complex Systems” underpinning my 50 years of work around system change and learning

Jay has influenced my thinking as far back as the 60’s. There is an old OD adage, If you want to understand something, try to change it.  Every since I read Bertalanffy in the 60’s, I have been engaged in system’s thinking each and every day. 

Now I am ready to teach internal change agents what I know about sustaining whole system change. Yes, Dr. Jay, our leaders MUST begin to understand general systems theory.  I help them understand and apply the “practice of system development”.


Oh. Jay mentions feedback. Lewin, the direct teacher of my mentors was the first to ever use the word “feedback” in the context of human systems. Each day of my life is thinking about feedback. I am even working with Lou Carter to come up with an incredible on-line feedback system for individual and team change. Google “Skillrater”

There is a great book out there by one of the original 100 Change Agents, Irvin Rubin from MIT.  Get it. Read it. 


A keynote address rehearsal to the blooming learning and change community in Cebu, Philippines.

June 15, 2013

A keynote address rehearsal to the blooming learning and change community in Cebu, Philippines.

 I see this as an informative distillation of the key essentials that I believe are needed in any sustainable change agent organization.   I attempt to have it be informative and not a commercial.  Sometimes my passion is conceived as selling. 

System Thinking Video from Senge: One of the foremost contemporary whole system experts

June 8, 2013

System Thinking Video from Senge: One of the foremost contemporary whole system experts

This video is foundational thinking for all that I do. Currently I am preparing a change blueprint to help an Asian company,  create a leadership development effort for 200,000  people outside their country.


Ron Lippitt, the first to ever write a full book dedicated to change management or then called, “planned change”, taught me  to turn work place training to whole system work.


This is how I envision doing so.


Start with the Chairman’s committee.   Have them identify the key business challenge that will benefit from a new worldwide harmonized the leadership philosophy and practice.  Plus have them establish the leadership theory, challenges and suggestions for transferring to the rest of the organization. The result of their work is then handed off to a design team that will create a transformation experience for the next 300 executives in the home country. The directive to them is to transform themselves and then set the tone and direction for management of the meaning people.  This clearly is not traditional cascading. Instead, we have each group assume of themselves how they are going to assimulate the direction from the top.  The system wide journey is lead by a team of  internal change facilitators and trainers to engage all. They essentially will follow my 10 practices for whole system transformation. 

I would very much be interested in your feedback.  



New York’s Columbia University convenes the greatest ever OD Certificate in Asia for the first time.

June 6, 2013

New York’s Columbia University convenes the greatest ever OD Certificate in Asia for the first time.

Countless people over the years have asked me for my recommendation of OD certificates. 

I have always said, for as long as I can remember, that the best initial OD education is the world is the Columbia OD Certificate.  Columbia has always been connected to authentic OD right from the 6O’s. Billie Alban, who IMHO, is the senior woman OD founder living today, started this program with Dr. Hornstein. Through the guidance of Dr. Warner Burke ( the most popular published author in the history of organization change)  have handed it over to Dr. Bunker and Dick Axlerod.  Both are emanate OD professionals. They have spent their entire life being OD thought leaders. And of course, I have a special love for them because they both are masters of large group work.

My friend, Naharuddin Ahmad Zabid, asked me to bring the best OD learning from an Ivy League University in the USA to Singapore and Malaysia   I choose to work with Dr. Burke from Columbia. He has agreed to allow his OD certificate to leave New York for the first time and travel to Malaysia. Herein is the brochure. Who do you know who might benefit? Yes. It is expensive. Yes. It is the absolute best in the world, IMHO. It is practical. It is tested. It is true OD. I expect the investment to return many times from the applied learning. We will see what we can do to measure the strategic value. 

What the world needs now is help with change management. This certificate offers the best learning for Change Agents. 

Sorry, but I see the blind leading the blind in terms of change management these days. Those of us like, Burke, Bunker, Axlerod, Alban, Hornstein, Pasmore and others who have been thinking about change each day of our lives for 50 years. We have some things figured out. We are ready to share our wisdom with others. 

Feel free to contact myself or MaJa, (, if you have any questions. 


International OD / CM

June 4, 2013

International OD / CM

Global Organization Development is caterpillar about to become a butterfly. Here is an excellent conceptual framework from a Pepperdine MSOD student working at Google.

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