The transformation of my daughter in our current state.

The transformation of my daughter in our current state.

One of my top ten personality traits of a great leader is to have poise and confidence. Arielle exhibited such with a stall-worth presence as she keynoted with me the Artdo conference.

I am writing this weekend about the power of the internal change agent in context of “Whole System Transformation.”

Currently she is an internal change agent in the corporate Organization Effectiveness Team at Allstate.
Allstate just received an award for being one of the best companies for new graduates to work for.

Arielle just wrote on her Facebook. ” I am encouraged to bring my whole self to work and dare to be different. :).

Ok you other organizations, you have a challenge. How can you ensure that your culture welcomes and gives the millennials “POWER AND FREEDOM” to do their best work?

Stay tuned.

One Response to “The transformation of my daughter in our current state.”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    A hint of what is to come in my writing this week-end.

    Hogan says personality drives effective leadership:

    Researchers define personality in terms of five broad traits or dimensions of reputation:

    Adjustment – Poise and self-confidence (feels good about themselves and are self aware)

    Ambition – Leader-like and decisive ( intelligent, self motivated and courageous)

    Agreeableness – Charming and likeable (postive presence and strong interpersonal competence)

    Prudence – Citizenship and rule-following ( relates to all differences in the system and is ethical)

    Openness – curiosity and vision ( has a spirit of inquiry, wants to change and learn to a compelling future)


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