The newsletter of one of the first change agents I trained in Transformation

The newsletter of one of the first change agents I trained in Transformation

Cathie and I transformed the now defunct GMAC. They were the most profitable division of General Motors. They did not survive the financial crisis a few years ago. They essentially had all the home mortgage money in the USA connected to them. I trained Cathie in my large group work. We had great success.  I remember one of the many significat outcomes was that the system realized for the first time they were a global enterprise. We had other countries come in live on their internal web system during our large meeting. 

For those of you from Minnesota, this was the last time I worked with the famous Dr. Bob Terry. He is now dancing in the heavens. Bob and I were writing a book at the time on leadership ( his expertise) and Whole System Transformation. I still am affiliated with the professionals that we left behind… namely Dr. Warren Hoffman. We do a video together that is someplace on the web. 


Note that Cathie still is writing about the DVF resistance to change model that is the hub of my work. I miss working with Cathie but she is flying on her own and have great success. 


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