Link to ASTD 2013 competency model: I give up. The model uses “Change Management” rather then OD or Organization Change.

My partner, Professor Rothwell asked me to share this with my friends. The first Chapter summarizes his work on workplace learning. I have always resisted the phrase “change management” because it is associated with driving and managing change down through the organization… only to experience resistance and failure. I will propagate that there is an effective way to do such. And I will start to identify myself as a person who does “Change Management.” I give in. The phrase Organization Develpment has been taken over by the phrase “change management.”

Link to ASTD 2013 competency model

Your role as a facilitator of learning, business partner, and developer of the
world’s workforce has never been more critical than it is today. Senior leaders rely
on your expertise and entrust you to build the capability of the organization’s
human capital. They know that having a knowledgeable and skilled workforce
will enable the organization to compete and succeed in today’s global economy.
To help your organization and those you serve be successful, building your own
competencies in the profession should be a critical part of your professional and
career development journey. This Study highlights the most critical foundational
and business competencies required for professional success, and the Areas of
Expertise (AOEs) that are fundamental in this field.


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