A strong Appreciative Inquiry Interview for Research

A strong Appreciative Inquiry Interview for Research

As some of you may know, Professor Rothwell and I have been doing competency research around change since the mid-80s.

One of his doctoral candidates at Penn State interviews me on our current iteration of appreciative inquiry competency research.

I muster up courage to share strong opinions on appreciative inquiry (AI) and organization change.

One dramatic statement I make is that I believe it’s better to actually apply appreciative inquiry to change an organization than to have a workshop on appreciative inquiry. I believe experiencing it with a seasoned practitioner will allow one to learn far more real time than in a training session

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One Response to “A strong Appreciative Inquiry Interview for Research”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    This young news company from Canada– which is based on the positive theories of Appreciative Inquiry–is doing some exciting work not only in covering societal news, but also in working with specific companies and communities as a way to embed appreciative ways of knowing and learning into everyday culture. I am especially excited about how their work helps create ecosystems for innovation because all innovation involves novel combinations of “what works” somewhere. Developing a narrative rich culture that supports the speed and spread of good news, breakthroughs, and possibility thinking is something our institutions need more of. Axiom News corp calls it “generative journalism.”

    Here is the link;


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