Best managed city in the usa– used OD coaching.

I like to share that one of my two living mentors, Dr. Koestenbaum has just had one of his clients recognized. For those of us who consult,  one great result is when our clients are successful.  I am working intensely with Peter these days. He absolutely uplifts my spirit every time I meet with him. Perhaps someday I will be at the point where I can uplift my friends, my family and my clients each and every time I meet with them. My other friend, Kathie Dannemiller, the great executor of large group interactive events also had that ability.

Peter said in an email to me. “I am happy to say that my client, the City of Palo Alto, City Manager James Keene and author of the report, Sheila Tucker, won the award as the best managed city in the US. Being in Palo Alto at this moment, I will get the details this morning at a breakfast meeting (I only drink pure water).


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