Carl Rogers distilled-one of my most important mentors

On Becoming a Person by Rogers was one of the clearest and most influential books that I first read on facilitation. I was fortunate to be with Carl personally numerous times when I was hanging around with Jack Gibb and NTL.

Found this on a great website:

Facilitation theory in point form

Carl Rogers and others developed the theory of facilitative learning. The basic premise is that learning will occur by the educator acting as a facilitator, that is by establishing an atmosphere in which learners feel comfortable to consider new ideas and are not threatened by external factors.

Other characteristics of this theory include:

a belief that human beings have a natural eagerness to learn,

there is some resistance to, and unpleasant consequences of, giving up what is currently held to be true,

the most significant learning involves changing one’s concept of oneself.
Facilitative teachers are:

less protective of their constructs and beliefs than other teachers,

more able to listen to learners, especially to their feelings,

inclined to pay as much attention to their relationship with learners as to the content of the course,

apt to accept feedback, both positive and negative and to use it as constructive insight into themselves and their behaviour.

are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning,

provide much of the input for the learning which occurs through their insights and experiences,

are encouraged to consider that the most valuable evaluation is self-evaluation and that learning needs to focus on factors that contribute to solving significant problems or achieving significant result

One Response to “Carl Rogers distilled-one of my most important mentors”

  1. Doug O Says:

    Thanks for posting this Roland. Reading “On Becoming a Person” changed my life and work in many ways.


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