Two Free Whole System Transformation Webinars for ISOD- One for Asia and One for USA

I will be sharing my key learnings from 50 years of experience in 12 universal and essential elements that I believe any change agent best attend to if they wish to be greater in helping our organizations become greater.

USA, Africa and Europe: Webinar #1: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Asia-Pacfic: Webinar #2: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
You may need to copy and past the above link in your browser for your part of the world to register.

Be sure to click the “Show time in my time zone” link to verify the local time.

Both Webinars will follow the same structure yet the content and stories will be geared to West in February and to the East in March.

Those who prevail in either session will be given a private link to download over 40 free resources supporting Roland’s practice.


Recent research from CEOs indicate their intense and urgent interest and leading and sustaining an ongoing change agent organization.

Futurist, David Hule, says, “We have left the information age and are moving into the “Shift Age”. Everything is in a state of shift. Companies and leaders need to be able to transform their company if they’re going to succeed in the next 10 years.”

This session will share a researched and proven methodology to transform organizations.

Whole System Transformation best starts by having each executive and the team as a whole transform themselves before they initiate full engagement for enterprise-wide systemic and systematic change.

Come and hear how we have taken whole system change and large group work of Kathy Dannemiller, Dick Beckhard and Bob Tannenbam to new levels. The aforementioned, God rest their souls, were key in the start up of Whole System or Comprehensive Organization Development Service.

In sum, the purpose of this presentation is to share the theory and proven best practice around guaranteed transformation of the leadership team as a prelude to their leading a dynamic shift for their entire enterprise.

Expected learning for you:

• Bringing alive the Whole System TransformationTM Model
• Understanding the driving principles of this engaging, powerful and
innovative approach to realizing human talent and economic
• Utilization of a magical methodology that has been built off the innovative large
group work of Kathy Dannemiller, Dick Beckhard and Bob Tannenbam.
• Being exposed to a step-by-step process to transform the
leadership team.
• Sharing summaries of several application cases
• How to access additional resources following up on topics that
are not available to the public.

Who should attend:
Directors, VP’s, and SVP’s of HR, Organization Development, Organizational Learning, Leadership Development, Human Resources Development, Change Management and most of all, those who wish to be professional Change Agents!

Note the rise in the stock market from a recent client. We worked starting in October and our last meeting was in March. The stock price is even higher today.

Semen results

The company was awarded one of the ten most important companies in the country by the President. The CEO texted and said the recognition would not have happened without our WST intervention. This country has the chance of leading the world in all aspects by the end of the century.

NO! The magic is not because of who Roland Sullivan is. It is because of the foolproof processes that has been re-engineered from founders of the Organization Development profession. And the beauty is… we can teach it to YOU!

We believe that 80% of current OD practices are missing opportunities. We strongly believe and have research to support my belief that the “WHOLE SYSTEM” best be involved in any transformation effort.

We know of no better way to “Teach the Elephant to Dance” that is, empower the enterprise to change in a positive manner.

We will also share using our process with one of the largest European corporations.


Here is the executive team having a dialogue with all. The greatest joy for me was to be emailed a year after I was finished helping them. The internal change agent said that “ALL” agreed that they had just had their greatest summit ever. I was not even present. I did hear that the presence of my spirit was there. My aim is to break the dependence on external help and leave them with the competence to sustain the journey.


Roland with Sushama Khanna the daughter of the late Dr. Pareek who brought OD, HR, HRD, T & D, OB and the concept of Feedback first to Asia from Columbia University and NTL in the 50’s.

Roland is one of the original 100 change agents. He is a second-generation organization development (OD) consultant. He started his organization change learning with a Charlie Seashore NTL T-Group in 1962. He has led change efforts in over 1000 organizations in 35 countries. He has taught OD at 15 universities,
Editing 20+ change management books, including the popular Third Edition of Practicing Organization Development, has kept him in touch with best practices. He is known for “actually” transforming whole systems in large group interactive events. His focus is on transforming a leadership team and the critical mass that they lead. Special emphasis is on transferring change agent competency to an internal change agent. Sustainable and extraordinary positive change is the norm.
He founded the award wining Minnesota OD Network in 1974 and Asian OD Network in 2004, whose membership has grown quickly. The next conferences will be in the Philippians, Japan and Indonesia.
He led the Organization Development Institute’s competency committee starting in the 70’s. The 21st revision soon through ISOD will be authored and set to video.
He has a masters’ degree in OD from Loyola in Chicago and Pepperdine in Los Angeles.
Roland considers his identity and citizenship, global.

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