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A new book that conveys the values that I see organization systems authentically desiring. My consulting naturally has a focus on such.

February 11, 2013

See what one of the leading authorities in Organization Development, Roland Sullivan, has to say about the book ‘Develop Exponential Power – Stop Chasing It And Let It Chase You’

By Roland Sullivan

Hang on to your hat, as you see and feel all around you, a whirlwind of change.


– Roland Sullivan

“The Times They Are A-Changin’!” Globalization and technology will change our world beyond what our imagination can now believe. More change and transformation will occur in your lifetime than since the beginning of recorded civilization over 4,500 years ago.

More than ever we all need rock solid principles or fundamental truths to root us in the ever-shifting paradigms. The only constants are our core principles and relationships.

If I were to list my top philosophical golden nuggets, all of Martinoff’s would be on the list. They are me… articulated.

The purpose of my writing this foreword is to share with you a resource that will help you be and become one step closer to heroic greatness.

In 1962, I was first introduced in a National Training Lab to the world of the change agent profession. The lab opened my eyes to inner power. Since then I have spent my life doing my best to help individuals (especial executive leaders) and corporations discover their power so they can realize their potential. It is my life’s purpose to help leaders empower their people through influence rather than the outdated ‘Command and Demand Power’ which as Bjorn states is really Force not Power. My large group interactions release uniting power lying dormant in the whole system. I believe that powerful influence with a spirit of free choice is one of the primordial competencies for today. In these changing times, we need leaders to be more powerful than ever before. This is a power that one cannot chase but a power that free flows from ones inner being. Power: From a majestic bed of intuition to a welcoming, trusting, open and self-realizing recipient.

In this new and ever-changing, borderless and flattening world there is nothing more practical than guiding principles to support the kind of results people and organizations desire.

Therefore, I am honored to introduce to you to this fresh take on ancient and golden wisdom. It is brilliance that transcends epochs.

Here we have for the first time in today’s global language, essential mindsets to help refine your “self as an instrument of positive change.” This is a great handbook for you to facilitate change with individuals and organizations. These concepts will help you lead them faster, much-much faster, toward the realization and then actualization of Excellence.

I am thrilled in both my mind and heart to introduce Bjorn’s book that you now are holding in your hands. I first scanned a draft of this book when Bjorn and I first met at the famed Peninsula Hotel in Manila, Philippines. Bjorn and I immediately hit it off because I felt he had eloquently expressed what I felt are the universal theorems needed today and missing in many change efforts. He comprehends who I am. I just have never seen them all so clearly stated together.

Bjorn spells out what my philosophical soul has been wanting to express so clearly and this supports helping leaders today hone the key competencies needed for successful leadership.

I felt joyous at the headline of each chapter. Each chapter is so relevant as we move into the “Age of Aquarius, or as I call it the “Age of Transformation.” It will be interesting to see how you apply these golden gems to your Self, your teams and your organization.

Allow me to share a few examples that verify the importance that I have them being.

The Power of Trust:

I did my Ph.D. study under Dr. Jack Gibb. He wrote the first book on trust as it relates to individual and organization development. Jack is one of the 12 disciples of Lewin who coined the phrase “Social Psychology” He was the first to focus on group process, feedback and the prelude to change agents, organization development and transformation. I always start up my interventions with an organization assessment. Trust, 90% of the time becomes a key issue to be addressed.

The Power of Purpose:

For every small or comprehensive intervention, I start with clarifying purpose.

The Powers of Vision, Courage and Reality:

One of my two living mentors is Dr. Peter Kostenbaum. For me he is the number one business philosopher of the last century. He was the first to write about the heart of business. Vision, Courage and Reality are His key powers. His fourth power is ethics. All of Bjorn’s principles assume ethical behavior.

The Powers of Action and Commitment:

Those who know me well, understand that for every executive team or large group transformation that I facilitate, my two main products are actions and commitments. These two stalwarts frame sustainable change for me.

The Power of Presence:

Full presence is my advice to anyone who is faced with supporting a person who is in a hopeless situation such as a death being eminent. Just be fully attentive and concentrated on who they are and what they are confronting is so loving.

The Power of Humility:

A client, John just received from the CEO, the “change agent of the corporation award.” This is from one of the world’s largest insurance companies. His people have told me that his humble mindset gave him the power to lead change in an extraordinary manner His excellent performance is powered or fueled from humility.

The Power of Growth:

Growth for me is positive change. People who grow are the happiest. My degree in philosophy essentially taught me that human beings greatest aspiration is to be happy.

The Power of Authenticity:

When we created the first definition for Asia by Asians of organization development. A key phrase was “authentic leadership.”

The Power of Belief:

My proven theory of transformation is distilled to the powers of reality, vision, action and belief.

Oh. My favorite principle is free Choice. I believe the most important gift that life has given us is that of free will. Our divine given free will is the steering wheel for our inner power. We make countless choices each day. Each choice either brings us closer to happiness or closer to sadness. We can choose to be vivacious, cheerful, energetic, positive, or even ecstatic. Or the countless choices we make each day can cause sadness, sickness, complacency, being negative, or even depressed.

Helping others brings joy. Hurting our self or others deflates our joy.

It is up to you! It is your choice!

Do you want to become happier or end your life a grumpy old person in poverty and depressed. The sky is the limit for your joy. These principles show the way.

It is up to you. Choose to be so that power and goodness comes to you.

My wish is that you use this book to help you choose greatness. I want you to be or become a powerful super hero helping the world become one in the spirit of love… all while you become prosperous materially and spiritually.

So you can see the principles presented here align with my passion of helping all be and become GREAT! This book leaves you with the practical tools for: your internal change efforts and its sustainability.

There is something in you that made you pick up “Develop Exponential Power: Stop Chasing It and Let It Chase You”. The moment you laid your eyes on this and chose to pick it up, you knew that this book is for you. Notice. There’s a spark of greatness within you that is already unleashed.

Wherever you are on the globe and in the game of your life, you have your own vast territory to master. This master book provides you the space for your wildfire of success.

Allow me to share how I am applying the gems in this book in my life. Each Sunday, I start my day by reading just one chapter. I then still my mind for an hour and watch all the wonderful ideas float into my empty mind that I can utilize in the next week. With my iPhone, I dictate using Dragon Dictate the great and powerful ideas that flew into my quiet, relaxed yet concentrated mind. I print out my thoughts. Mostly there are actions and commitments. I post them next to my desk. I notice them many times a day. I am just amazed how many times during the week I use Bjorn’s truths to frame my behavior. Often they surface as reminders as I work with my clients.

“Develop Exponential Power” has become a modern day bible for me. It has been Nutrition for my soul and a driving force for my work as a driver of change!

You now hold the guide and wisdom to achievement beyond your wildest dreams.

Here’s to wielding your own power!

I highly recommend this book, I can’t give any higher recommendation than this, as I said above, this book is me … articulated.

– Roland Sullivan

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About Roland Sullivan.

Roland is one of the original 100 change agents and likely one of the top two or three at the moment. He is a second-generation organization development (OD) consultant. He learned directly from the founders of the field beginning in 1962. He has led change efforts in over 1000 organizations in 35 countries. He has taught OD at 12 universities, including Pepperdine which has the most recognized change program in the world.

Editing 20+ change books, including the popular third edition of Practicing Organization Development, has kept him on the cutting edge of global best practices. He is best known for “actually” transforming whole systems in large interactive events.

For over two decades, Roland has served as Chair of the OD Institute’s Committee to Define Knowledge and Skills for Competence in OD. The Institute uses this research in accrediting university programs around the globe in organization change.

Since the mid-1960′s, he has been a full time organization development (OD) pioneer.

In 2004, he co-founded the Asian OD Network whose membership has grown quickly. His intense and extensive laboratory of change and development training since the 60s, has inspired him along with his mentors for being known for bringing the phrase “change agent” to the world.

He has Master’s degrees in Organization Development from Loyola in Chicago and Pepperdine in Los Angeles. Pepperdine is reputed to have the most recognized global degree on managing change in the world.

Both the local chapter of the American Society of Training and Development as well as the Minnesota OD Network granted him their Organization Development Professional of the Year awards.

Richard Beckhard, his late mentor and friend, who coined the phrase ‘Organization Development’ recognized Roland to be among the world’s first 100 professional change agents. Only a few are still living.

Recently he was runner-up to Harvard for the Outstanding Change Journey of the World for his work with South Africa’s largest financial enterprise (ABSA).

Roland considers himself not from any one particular country but rather a global citizen.

But most relevant is his new commitment to execute his life’s mission in partnership and collaboration with Bjorn Martinoff and his organization.

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