Dr. Glenda’s profound video on “Whole System”

Once up a time, Dr. Glenda and I and integrated her human system dynamics and my whole system transformation in the transformation of the most profitable division of General Motors. One of the startling outcomes was that as a system they realized for the 1st time that they were indeed global.

I value the work of Glenda so much that I had her write a book in our OD series.

As I think about the book I am currently writing centered on Whole Systems Transformation ®, we need to have a special section from her on how complexity science supports the work of whole systems transformation. This video is a bit philosophical. As most of you do not know I have a degree in philosophy. I am also an applied behavioral scientist. Therefore, I value the wisdom, wonderment and practical behavioral application of philosophy. It is through philosophy that we embrace the study of the human being. As the adage says the unexamined life or organization is not as elevated as the examined. As Lewin, the founder of social psychology and OD says, there is nothing so practical as a sound theory. Or as my great creative friend, Dr. Oshry says, ”There is nothing more practical than solid human systems theory.” Indeed Glenda’s work is the theory, and practice and dynamics of Human Systems.

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