Be and Become Borderless or Swift Away


Now is the call to action to you, the “Change Champion.” Use the above guiding principles to
custom tailor principles that will prepare your work place learning environment to become more
wholistic and borderless. Help your organization reach its potential, advocate a full-blown,
borderless enterprise. Prepare and engage your people to become ever more agile. Create
“wow” events whereby your people have a first hand experience of a borderless
“learnvironment.” *
* Ms. Hizon, the 2012 Chairman of the Philippine Society for Training and Development Board of
Trustees, recently stated, “True change starts within us, we must be the change we aim to see
in the work place.”

Become a “Change Champion.” Start with changing your self. See your “self”
as an instrument of change.” Foster, immediately for yourself, a borderless mindset. Seek
collaborative relationships beyond your borders. Make a difference in your organization. Accept
responsibility for the success of the whole. Develop an agile mindset. Become passionate with
transforming yourself and facilitating the transformation of others. Great philosophers will tell us
that those who are learning, changing, and transforming are the happiest. Be and become
happier. Lead a “learnvironment” to greater effectiveness and happiness.

Full chapter below from the brand new International Society of OD.



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