Top Ten Principles for Transformation

  1. Truth. A climate of safety prevails so that valid data can be surfaced for decision-makers to utilize free choice as to what is best.
  2. Breakthrough conversation . Insure a dramatic mind shift occurs face to face meetings representing the whole system.
  3. Borderless. Have a process to surface ideas from divergent parts (including customers)  of the organization to ensure “whole business intelligence”. 
  4. CEO leadership. Ensure that the CEO and leadership model leapfrog attitudes and behavior.
  5. Creative destruction. Destroy current states and replace with innovative experimentation as you explore radical and revolutionary ideas.
  6. Being and becoming different.  Doing the same old only better must be replaced with a bold and dramatically new way of being.
  7. A shift.  Performance has just shifted from third-gear to high gear.
  8. Small steps. New courageous activity is put on the short leash only to be corrected immediately if the promise of better results is not happening.
  9. Be persistent. Change efforts most often fail because the system gives up.
  10.  Self change. Start with yourself by examining each day and prioritizing the next day from what you have just learned-apply  all of the above ideas to one’s behavior.

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