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Be and Become Borderless or Swift Away

August 17, 2012


Now is the call to action to you, the “Change Champion.” Use the above guiding principles to
custom tailor principles that will prepare your work place learning environment to become more
wholistic and borderless. Help your organization reach its potential, advocate a full-blown,
borderless enterprise. Prepare and engage your people to become ever more agile. Create
“wow” events whereby your people have a first hand experience of a borderless
“learnvironment.” *
* Ms. Hizon, the 2012 Chairman of the Philippine Society for Training and Development Board of
Trustees, recently stated, “True change starts within us, we must be the change we aim to see
in the work place.”

Become a “Change Champion.” Start with changing your self. See your “self”
as an instrument of change.” Foster, immediately for yourself, a borderless mindset. Seek
collaborative relationships beyond your borders. Make a difference in your organization. Accept
responsibility for the success of the whole. Develop an agile mindset. Become passionate with
transforming yourself and facilitating the transformation of others. Great philosophers will tell us
that those who are learning, changing, and transforming are the happiest. Be and become
happier. Lead a “learnvironment” to greater effectiveness and happiness.

Full chapter below from the brand new International Society of OD.



A Forbes Reinforcement Of A Focus That I Initiated in 1972.

August 12, 2012

I always think about transformation. Especially these days, I am serious about transformation in manufacturing.

I am working with a favorite client whom I wish to remain anonymous.  When I was working with them in 2005, their Cost of Quality was 14%.  In the last few years, it has risen to 16%.

My dream is to help them achieve 10% if not 8%. Such will save them millions each quarter.

My major source of learning by reading these days comes from suggested articles on linkedin.

I want to share excerpts from the article that hit my fancy. It speaks generally to my challenge.  And I believe it speaks to you also. After all, I believe we all would do well to be involved in transformation one way or another.

It will take nothing less than Whole System Transformation to get to the 8% goal. Clearly I am going to be confronted to use all of what I have learned in the past 40 years.

My last blog on the principles of transformation was created to underpin this work. One of those principles was persistence.

I have consciously set the contract up so that I have a solid commitment from the CEO to be persistent even to the extent that I can take all the risk that I may need inorder help his company be successful.  She has promised in front of leadership never to ever fire me.

So here are quotes that I directly pulled from the Forbes article. Credit goes to the author, Steve. My purpose in putting this together is to create a bit of cognitive dissonance so the client system will wake up.

Those who know me well, will remember that I coined the phrase “Whole System Transformation” in the early 70’s. So I love the opening sentence.

Steve Denning,


Author of Radical Management;

Transformational Leadership In Agile Manufacturing:


Real leadership is about transforming the system, not just succeeding within or despite the system….

The winners in this rapidly changing world will not necessarily be incumbent manufacturers or even US firms. The winners will be those firms that have mastered the management techniques that generate rapid and continuous innovation and so transform the current system of manufacturing…

The coming transformation in manufacturing

Today, US manufacturing is at the cusp of a massive transformation. As my fellow contributor at Forbes, Vivek Wadhwa, has noted:

Fundamentally, a group of new technologies—including robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and nanotechnology—are advancing rapidly and together will spark a radical transformations of manufacturing over the next decade.

 Traditional manufacturing is inherently slow to innovate

Many established manufacturers will find themselves flat-footed and ill-prepared for the transformation. That’s because traditional manufacturing is typically slow to innovate.

How Agile is coming to manufacturing

A revolution is now coming inexorably to manufacturing, because slow-moving multi-year product cycles will be unable to cope with the rapidly shifting marketplace. The only surviving manufacturers will be those that have learned how to be Agile.

Roland Comment: Here is a free article showing my Whole System Transformation Model. The core outcome is “AGILITY”.


Transformational Leadership will have:

  1. Customer Focus
  2. Self-organizing teams
  3. Dynamic Linking
    1. To the extent possible tools that are free, like, Dropbox, GoogleDocs, YouTube, Skydrive, Facebook and LinkedIn are being used.
  4. Values: Transparency and continuous improvement
  5. Horizontal communications.

Roland Comment: My focus in the next few weeks will be to facilitate horizontal transparency among 11 key leaders.

Email me and I will send you the design. It has an element or two that I have never used before. In the past ten years, my client has survived in an industry where over 50% of the companies no longer exit. They just may be the most awarded USA manufacture in their domain for creating sophisticated and innovative parts.

Stay tuned. I will let you know how it is going.

From Lake Minnentonka!!


Top Ten Principles for Transformation

August 7, 2012
  1. Truth. A climate of safety prevails so that valid data can be surfaced for decision-makers to utilize free choice as to what is best.
  2. Breakthrough conversation . Insure a dramatic mind shift occurs face to face meetings representing the whole system.
  3. Borderless. Have a process to surface ideas from divergent parts (including customers)  of the organization to ensure “whole business intelligence”. 
  4. CEO leadership. Ensure that the CEO and leadership model leapfrog attitudes and behavior.
  5. Creative destruction. Destroy current states and replace with innovative experimentation as you explore radical and revolutionary ideas.
  6. Being and becoming different.  Doing the same old only better must be replaced with a bold and dramatically new way of being.
  7. A shift.  Performance has just shifted from third-gear to high gear.
  8. Small steps. New courageous activity is put on the short leash only to be corrected immediately if the promise of better results is not happening.
  9. Be persistent. Change efforts most often fail because the system gives up.
  10.  Self change. Start with yourself by examining each day and prioritizing the next day from what you have just learned-apply  all of the above ideas to one’s behavior.

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