Notes from what just may have been the best ever OD summit.

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One Response to “Notes from what just may have been the best ever OD summit.”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    Link to notes from the latest International AI Summit.

    The link:

    Picture is a Sister who keynoted the first ever AI Summit. She changed my life. She is so positive. She leads an incredible Catholic Religious Order that uses AI.

    Great reads here if you are interested in Positive Organization Change.

    640 people from 30 countries attended this summit.

    No one has inspired more large group summits patterned after key processes of Kathie Dannemiller than David.

    Beats my AODN Summit in China.. We had 607 present for the keynote. I know, I counted them. David is my only living Guru. He and I both studied to b Applied Behavioral Scientists at the old George Williams. He is famous. I am not.

    I have a great Summit coming up in Singapore.

    But i am really excited about my third one in Bangalore, India…. fall 2013. The planning has begun and it is profound.

    I say “my” because I founded the AODN and am the only person who has been to all of the summits… now in our 8 or 9th year depending how one counts.


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