What CEO’s in India need and my wholistic solution.

To India’s CEO’s

More change will occur in the next 30 years than since the beginning of civilization 4,500 years ago!

Before you can imagine, India will be the world’s social, philosophical and financial leader of the world!

India’s CEOs and Executive Teams are becoming the key force in the realization of India’s Transformation!

Recently, Nandan Nilekani, CEO and MD, Infosys, (a past client of ours) highlighted the rapid integration of emerging economies into the global trading system. He added that these markets have opened up new opportunities, making it imperative for companies to transform themselves dramatically!
Anticipating the need that CEO’s would have, we coined the phrase “Whole System Transformation” in the early 70’s. So many now talk of transformation. We actually do it!!!
Enterprise Transformation is all we do and we do it with excellence. We have mastered the application of dramatically and exponentially moving an organization forward. Research indicates that over 85% of change management and transformation efforts fail. 99.98% of our system wide efforts succeed.
We have learned that you want to:
➢ Receive competent help in leading change
➢ Innovate the whole enterprise
➢ Thrill your customers beyond their belief
➢ Sort out your complex business world and surface clear focus
➢ Enhance performance and productivity
➢ Disrupt business as usual while mastering your business model
➢ Create an effective social architect that creates an optimum culture
➢ Join global standards of excellence while becoming globally connected.
➢ Ignite your people to do their absolute best
Build an organization environment of stellar execution
➢ Be socially responsible and help your future customers; the unfortunate in India.
You establish foci for our working together and we will guarantee measured success on each and every one of the above variables.

Why do we say so? Because along with friends in the field of organization development, we have perfected a systematic and systemic group and inter-group robust processes to move an organization from its current reality to where it wishes to be.

India’s celebrated CEO coach, Ram Charan, says CEO’s must confront reality. He says doing so is the necessity of continual business transformation. He believes leaders need the intellectual honesty to see that what worked in the past may no longer be relevant. He says, “It is leadership’s job to change the working of the whole social system. His initiative must be to make the organization flexible for change. The CEO has to be the one involved, engaged, measuring, and rewarding (the transformation).”

Our highly customized methodology does all of what Mr. Charan calls for. Additionally it extends his concept beyond leaders to the entire work force and customers.

The following model depicts what we do most effectively.

In sum: We exceed any expectations you may have as we help you and your executive team lead the transformation of your organization all while establishing a social architecture that will sustain your ability to thrive.

As our personal teacher, Dr. Sivananda of Risikesh said. “One must first always strive to reach the inner nirvana of perpetual transformation”.

Roland Sullivan is one of the original 100 change agents. He is a second-generation OD consultant. He learned directly from the founders of the field beginning in 1962. He has lead change efforts with over 1,100 organizations in 30 countries and has taught OD at twelve Universities, including the most recognized change program in the world, Pepperdine.

Editing over twenty management of change books including the popular third edition of Practicing Organization Development have him in touch with best practices. He is known for “actually” transforming whole systems in large interactive events and for the last 30 years, leading global competency research for consultants.

His practice simply involves four elements.
Transform the CEO and Executive Leadership Team
Transform the critical mass of their organization
Transform an internal change agent that will sustain the organisation change long term.
Sustain Transformation

He co-founded the Asian OD Network in 2004. He has been changing organizations in India since 1985.

He specially values his 30 year relationship with Dr. Udai Pareek, the leading Organization Behavioral Scientist in India as well as a most exciting association with the very innovative EMPI.

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