Remarkable Case study for employee retention

Allow me to share a true story.

In working with the largest bank in Africa, we did a pilot transformation effort with one bank unit of 2100 people.

We did three 2 1/2 day events of 700 people each.

Before we started our venture 27 people had put their resignation into corporate HR,

At the end of the last event, a woman stood up and gave me an African shirt in thanksgiving and said this experience has just inspired me to stay with the company.

Post event 25 of the 27 people set to leave… retained their employment.

The other two needed to leave because their spouse obtained a new job and as a couple they were following their dream of immigrating to Canada.

So as the old adage says, “I have a hammer that I use for every solution”.

It is whole system transformation ™.

If we transform the whole of the enterprise to a place of excitement and inspiration and passion and achievement of executed results in people will stay.

Oh. in this case profits lifted 69%. The other 49 units of the bank only increased their profits from 2 to 7% that year. We knew what made the difference.

Scott Span… It is great to see you here. We share a similar background. My career started with a Charlie Seashore T-group from NTL in 1962.

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