History in the making as OD spreads to Asia.

Super Peter!!!

To Dr. Norlin and the rest of you.

I have known Dr. Norlin for many many years. He and I share the influence of John and Joyce Weir. My large group work came from Dannenmiler being in a Weir T-group back in the late 60’s. I had my first Weir lab shortly thereafter. Peter understands so well large group interactive events.

So u can imagine that I hold Peter in the highest of respect… and I do not recall a greater leader for ODN.

Now.. my dream is to have the ODN Annual conference and the AODN Summit linked together virtually. If only we share the key note and an hour of group work virtually, i believe such would be grand.

We are so so… in a global world. I find that many of my home country in the USA are totally in the dark with regard to inclusion and seeing the reality that the world is flattening. Many have their head stuck in the sand while Asia is rising fast and faster.

I even have gone so far as to no longer consider my self a citizen only of the usa. I now have followed my guide, Dr. Doug OLoughlin and have incorporated in Singapore.

So I believe the USA ODN would benefit from interaction with us.

Our first opportunity to connect our conferences virtually will be 2011 in China… and I am aware that the facility in China may place on us. It may be that the time they want to hold the Summit may be different than the dates for ODN.

So if we cannot do then, we should do the first opportunity after that. What I recall, the AODN Summit will be either at ABAC in BKK or in Singapore. India is again in 2013 in Bangalore… then Japan in 2014 in collaboration with IODA.

PS. And thanks to Sir Sri Dr. Charles “feedback” Seashore for watering our first seeds of AODN in 2004. Dr. Seashore was my prime consultant in the design of the first Asian OD Summit held in Dubai, 2005. Peter, you may mention such to the board. Oh.. a thought… it is another dream of mine to bring in Dr. Seashore virtually to one of our AODN summits.

He is directly connected to the founders. He did his Ph.d work under the influence of both Dr. Jack Gibb and Dr. Ron Lippit while at NTL… and perhaps we can have, in my opinion, the queen and senior woman living in OD… his grand wife. Edie join him… No one has championed diversity more than she has.. she had to … my GOD,, being married to Charles is like being married to an alien from heaven!!!!!! Charlie is just not normal.. He is super natural.

oh.. one last story. When Charlie and Edie presented at the MN ODN, Charles said that often OD gets a bad rap for being the touch and feelie or huggie group… well Charles said.. that he is a people person and is proud of his value of hugging!!!

oh… just thought of something else.

My daughter, Arielle, starts her first job on an executive leadership team of a Target Store near Chicago next fall. She told me that they have what they call… “tough feedback fridays”!!! That is where structured feedback sessions are held between executives as well as between employees and executives. Charlie and Edie have the best ever book on feedback. It is one of the books I use weekly.

Here is their simple definition of feedback

“Information about past behavior delivered in the present which may influence future behavior”.

So feedback to two of you; Bo-Peep and Jerry congratulations to the recognition that you have received in the Philippines. It is people like you that will root the values and OD behavior in your country. I hope this feedback in a small way influences your future behavior… in a way for u to continue to model the great learnings we have learned from this founders of this exciting field… like Edie and Charlie.

I look forward to being with you all

I believe AODN will be the most positive and most interactive Summit ever!!!!



On Feb 17, 2010, at 10:12 AM, Peter Norlin wrote:
Mohan, Mitsch, and Yen, it was wonderful to hear from you, and to hear about the progress that’s being made for the launch of the AODN 2010 summit in Manila. Obviously, the OD Network is eager to support this initiative and to work in partnership, in some way, to promote effective professional practice and to market the field of OD in Asia.

Before responding to your invitation or proposing a strategy for collaboration, however, I’m planning to have a conversation with the OD Network Board of Trustees to inform them of this exciting potential relationship, and to identify possible ways that we might take full advantage of the opportunities created by such a potential partnership.

So I’ll be sending along another message as soon as I’ve had the chance to review your offer with them and to hear their thoughts.

Warm regards,


Peter F. Norlin, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Organization Development Network
71 Valley Street, Suite 301, South Orange, NJ 07079-2825
t +1 973 763 7337, x1002
f +1 973 763 7488

OD Network Conference 2010
October 17-20, 2010
New Orleans Marriott
New Orleans, LA

From: Mohanakrishnan [mailto:mohan@fredindia.org]
Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 9:40 PM
To: ‘Michelle E. Tapia’; ‘Peter Norlin’
Cc: efranco@ateneo.edu; yenreyes@yahoo.com; ‘Perla Tayko’; ‘Lee Lu’; ‘Roland Sullivan’
Subject: RE: Invitation from Asia OD Network

Dear Mitsch and Yen,

I am very impressed with the way you are carrying forward the vision of AODN. I am sure the AODN 2010 summit would be one of great success. I wish you all the best.

Peter Norlin: My greetings to you from India. I have received a congratulatory note from the then President of ODN in 2006. However, the envisioned proposal to bring AODN and ODN together in the last couple of summits could not happen. I request you to consider the proposal from Mitsch, the summit Co Chair positively and bring the collaboration / association for the benefit of the OD community.

We could not write / invite you for a reason as last year was not a best year for conferences as the economic situations were not very conducive for organizing them.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Have a great day.

R Mohanakrishnan Ph.D
Director – Academics
Foundation for Research, Education and Development
T3, Nisargadama Apartments, 1027, Jayalakshmi Vilas Road
+91 94483 66589
http://www.odsummitindia.org / http://www.fredindia.org
“Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

From: Michelle E. Tapia [mailto:mitsch_tapia@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 9:45 AM
To: Peter Norlin
Cc: efranco@ateneo.edu; yenreyes@yahoo.com; mohan@fredindia.org; Perla Tayko; Lee Lu; Roland Sullivan
Subject: Invitation from Asia OD Network

Peter Norlin
Executive Director
OD Network
Dear Peter:

Thank you for your continuing interest to partner with the Asia OD Newtork.

It is our pleasure to invite the OD Network (USA) to participate in the 2010 Asia Organization Development Summit to be held from October 27-29 at the Ateneo De Manila University in Quezon City, Philippines.

As you may already know, the Asia OD Network (AODN) was formed in 2006 by a group of OD scholars and practitioners originating from or based in Asia to provide a venue for all OD professionals to network with each other and to share knowledge and best practices with special emphasis on the unique needs of the dynamic Asian region. With this objective, the annual OD Summit was launched as a vehicle to help promote AODN and its objectives. AODN plans to hold the summit in a different country in Asia every year. This year, the Ateneo De Manila University has graciously accepted to host the Summit.

We are expecting around 300 managers, professionals, consultants, educators and scholars in OD and other allied fields from the business, non-profit, academic and government sectors to attend the Summit. The Summit will feature experts, scholars and practitioners who have done cutting-edge research and have established a solid and effective practice in the field of OD and Change Management from Asia and around the world.

Since both our organizations have similar objectives, we would like to forge a co-marketing relationship with you, which would involve a non-monetary arrangement between the two parties. The partnership will enable you to promote your organization through our multimedia marketing campaign for the 2010 Asia OD Summit, and, in turn, we will be able to market and promote our event to your members. This would enhance visibility and increase the reach of both organizations in our respective target membership and audience.

I look forward to discussing the opportunity with you further. Attached is the draft Co-Marketing Agreement and the Summit Program which is still work in progress and subject to change. If you have any question or need more information, please feel free to contact the following.

Michelle Tapia – Co-Chair, Asia OD Summit 2010 (for international partners)
Yen Reyes – Head, Marketing & Communications Committee (for Philippine partners)

I am looking forward to your immediate and favorable response to this invitation.

Yours truly,
Co-Chair, 2010 Asia Organization Development Summit
“Transforming Asian Organizations towards Global Competitiveness and Sustainability”
October 27 – 29, 2010
Ateneo De Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Email: aodn2010@gmail.com | Website: http://www.aodn.org

One Response to “History in the making as OD spreads to Asia.”

  1. Wustari Mangundjaya Says:

    Dear Roland and all,

    Its been wonderful to meet you in AODN Philippines… I learnt alot from it and will be looking forward to meet you again in 2011.
    When will it be in China in 2011? and when will it be in Indonesia as we also would like to welcome all of you to come and visit our country Indonesia.


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