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Link to Asian OD Network

August 9, 2009

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History of my founding with others the Asian OD network

August 9, 2009

Charlie Seashore, my publishing buddy, Dr. William Rothwell and started the Asian OD Network in 2004. Our first summit was in Dubai 2005 then we planned to go to India 2006. Dr. Himank Priyadarsh from Infosys and I had been working together for years. In my boat one summer he came up with the concept of the Asian OD Network. Dr. Pareek and I had been talking about for years about India being involved. Dr. Pareek introduced Dr. Krishana to Himank. One day at Infosys, we all decided to create GODS 2005. The idea had come out of Dr. Krishana’s class at SDM where we held the second conference. The keynote and head of SDM is a mystic. And then as they say the rest is history.

The Asia OD Network (AODN) is a not-for-profit organization formed in 2006 by a group of OD scholars and practitioners based in Asia to create an environment that renews the passion and search for excellence in OD practice resulting in wholesomeness in people, institutions and society.
Goals & Objectives
1. To connect and network OD practitioners in the Asian region and around the world.
2. To co-create conceptual and theoretical frameworks for OD that is relevant to the emerging economic, social, cultural and technological contexts in the Asian region.
3. To promote OD and Institutional Building practice among all sectors of society.
4. To set standards for professional behavior and practice.
Vision and Mission
We envision Asian business, nonprofit, and government organizations that promote and practice economic, social and environmental performance with sustainability.
Our mission is to create and provide an environment that continuously fuels the passion and search for excellence in Organization Development and to provide a venue for all OD professionals to network with each other and to share knowledge and best practices with special emphasis on the unique needs of the dynamic Asian region.
AODN Working Model

(The model is designed by Udai Pareek, Udhayakumar, Mohanakrishnan, 2006, the inner circles originally conceptualized by Mohanakrishnan, Sankar, Vasudevan, 2005 for the Global OD Summit).
The theme of AODN centers on theory and practice, and what is established and what is to be advocated or recommended. Thus it is based on two axes: ‘knowledge – practice’ and ‘is – ought to be’. On the one hand, knowledge on OD is continually developed and new practices are introduced. On the other hand, they are continually appraised as to their capacity to explain phenomena and yield the desired results.
The knowledge developed and the practices followed as such in corporate management mark the current status of OD. Certain areas of OD knowledge have been played out and others that stood the test of time are carried forward. So also in the case of practices, some have been rejected and others continue to serve their purpose. Knowledge found valid and practices found relevant continue to thrive.
While best practices are identified and continued to be advocated, and domains of knowledge continue to yield insights, new or hitherto unearthed practices and new or hitherto unshared domains of knowledge are to be brought to the light. A reconstitution of the best practices and valid knowledge is wanted along with new ones. And that will constitute the ‘ought to be’ axis.

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