Birthday response

A huge thank you for the many birthday greetings I received.

I am not one to celebrate birthdays publically.

I spent my birthday week-end mostly in silent mediation and fasting or recouping my energy so I can better serve the world.

Part of my birthday is time out of time. (that is what Barry Oshry of the OD Seeing Systems” fame calls it) It is a reflective time. It is what Tom Dick and I do with clients. Each New Years and on my birthday I scan my life and plan my next year.

It has been a fantastic 6 months. I have just incredible client opportunities to develop further my whole system transformation intervention.

I truly expect the next year to be the “best ever” in my life.


Because I have my discipline more refined than ever. With the exception of the addiction to the Vikings football team only when they are winning, I mostly have disconnected from the material world. I live in a Divine Life that serves others through my work/play. I spend as much of my free time in meditation as I can. Why? As I told my daughter, Arielle, at my birthday party last night, I am only ever 7 minutes to 7 seconds from ecstasy. I do not know of anyone in my State of Minnesota that can say such. And the Beatles, Obama or Mike Jackson clearly could not say as much.

In this next year, I wish to move my Self/SELF from ecstasy to bliss on a more regular basis.

One of my commitments for personal growth is to listen each day to video’s, audio’s and readings of Swami Krishananda right on my Iphone. He is a philosopher who held the top spot in the Divine Life Ashram after Sivananda left his body in the early 60’s. I have read nearly 300 of Sivananda’s books. I have practiced his life style daily since 1962 and beginning around 1965 have read brief articles from Krishananda in his monthly publication that were sent post mail from India until recently.

Here is my key insight from watching a video of Krishananda yesterday.

*****Meditation is consciousness (my small self as part of the whole SELF /God) concentrating in/on consciousness (the Whole SELF becoming one with my small self).*****

And all the above brings my Christian Being alive with the sound of music. All the above helps me stay committed to transform my ill brother as he heals up from being on the Jubb/Cousens live food diet.

Each day I reflect how little time I have left in my body.
And my birthday helps me remember that my conscious small Self is eternal. Meditation has taken me to the other side of Life as my favored “Moody Blues” sing.

I end with quotes that have been on my mind of late.

“Dream your Life, Live your Dream”, E. Hugh Pettman: LIFE CENTRE Chairman, my Australian Mate.

Dreams are not seen when you sleep. Dreams are those that do not let you sleep. Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat and top inspiration behind the first India LIFE CENTRE / Gujarat Vittal Innovation City. And potential client.

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  1. Birthday response | Roland Sullivan Says:

    Brady Arras

    *****Meditation is consciousness (my small self as part of the whole SELF /God) concentrating in/on consciousness (the Whole SELF becoming one with my small self).*****


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