Whole System Transformation friends

John J. Scherer is a leadership and organization effectiveness consultant, executive coach, author, and seminar leader based in Seattle, WA, and Krakow, Poland. He has been conducting whole system transformation initiatives with large and small systems for 20 years. Before beginning his work in this field, he was a Combat Officer in the US Navy, a Lutheran Chaplain at Cornell University, and Co-Creator of one of the first graduate programs in applied behavioral science. His books include Parables (1973), Work and the Human Spirit (1993), and Five Questions that Change Everything. He has chapters in Practicing Organization Development, The Many Facets of Leadership, The Promise of Diversity, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, and others.

Ginger Whitson is a Senior Organizational Effectiveness Consultant for a household named company that has a major stadium named after it. She has a passion for helping leaders and organizations continuously transform, expanding their capacity to get the results most important to them. Over the past two years, she has been part of team of internal and external consultants that have led a very successful whole system transformation initiative that has driven significant improvements in business results and shifted the culture in positive ways. Ginger is a graduate of the Becoming a Better Intervener Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Both Ginger and John wrote the following about yours truly.

Roland Sullivan is the person who named ‘whole system transformation’ in the mid-1970’s. He has conducted literally hundreds of WST initiatives since then with small, family-owned businesses, large multi-national corporations, and even entire countries. As Co-Editor of each edition Practicing Organization Development, the ‘bible’ in the field of OD, he is mastering the field and knows virtually everyone leading in this work. Recently, he has begun to gather on video the important conceptual models of change and transformation, delivered by the most experienced consultants who use them. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Roland has been a tireless force in developing OD awareness and capability in Asia, especially China, India, Thailand and The Philippines, through an organization he co-founded, The Asia OD Network.

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