Testimony for my upcoming third edition of Practicing Organization Development

“The continent of Asia, encapsulating Asian wisdom and, with its unique understanding of the wholeness of human systems, is emerging as a major force in organizations around the globe. Many chapters in this book embody this reality and describe theories and practices that enable those in our field to be master OD Practitioners for the emerging reality. Reading this book will ground you in the latest innovations and deepen your understanding of the shifts that will be necessary for OD to continue as a major force in managing and changing human systems.”

Brother Martin, Ph.D in OD and restorer of Assumption University, the prime international university of Thailand.

One Response to “Testimony for my upcoming third edition of Practicing Organization Development”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    I teach for Dr. Martin at Assumption University. It is the most beautiful modern campus i have ever seen. He told me,”If Kings and Queens can live in palaces then teachers and students should also.” He now has 100,000 Students. His university the best in Thailand and one of the best in Asia… because of its integration and fusion with the West. Catholic led but 97% of the students are Buddhist!!!

    AU has the most authentic Masters and Ph.D in change out side the USA. In my view, the most recognized change agent academic program in the world is the favorite of my graduate work… Pepperdine. Pepperdine is all based on LAB learning and social psychology and Applied Behavioral Science. Along with experiential learning with a focus on large and small group dynamics. Therefore, everything that i do and am has the same foundation.

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