My twitter Link-am one of the original 100 agents of change

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Dick Beckhard who coined the phrase Organization Development with Herb Sheppard told me that they were only 100 of us practicing OD full time in 1967– my first year. Therefore the Twitter handle of “Change Agent 100”.

When i started learning the about the world of change in my first T-Group in 1962, most of my colleagues were in their 50’s and 60’s. I was in my 20’s.

Few of us remain active. Most have transcended this life to a higher place of consciousness…my mother called it heaven.

I believe my professor, Chris Argyris from Harvard is the senior founder living and practicin g OD. He is in his 80’s. The other day, I asked him to write a testimony for my book and he said he just did not have time because of a heavy client load and a new book coming. Well, like him, my grandfather and Dr. Peter Drucker, i hope to work/play till i drop this body and join mom up or in the sacred mysterious existence.

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  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    More on Beckhard and Argris:

    Just received, since my above post, an email from Rev John Schere. John and I work closely. He is bringing OD to Poland. He and I just wrote an article together on Whole System Transformation ™.

    Dr. Vail is known for the phrase “White Water”, the notion of perpetual change. He also was the first to connect OD and Performance management in the literature. And he saved with others, NTL, the home of OD.

    “ John
    I think the foundations of OD are Chris Argyris’s Personality and Organization (1957) at the conceptual level, and Beckhard and Blake’s concrete experiments at Pillsbury and Jersey Esso at the level of practice. What Tannenbaum and others were doing on the WEst Coast probably should be mentioned too. Almost all the rest is derivative of these basics.
    Peter Vail”

    Roland again: I will have numerous citations to Tannenbaum as I develop this blog. Bob is so well known because the program in OD at UCLA educated so many of the early Ph.D practitioners. On the practitioner side from the West Coast, I would Include Jack Gibb of the Large group facilitation and Trust fame. Google: “Gibb Trust” and download for free his classic work.

    Gibb along with Bradford and Benne went on to write the most popular books on OD in 1964, i.e. “T-group Theory and Laboratory Method.”
    I wore out three copies. I believe the founding father’s (Yes. They were mostly men.) research and theory is still very much valid today. I also believe that new change agents would do well to be familiar with the early theory base of Systems Theory, Social Psychology, Applied Behavioral Sciences, Leadership Development, Feedback, Group Dynamics, Interpersonal relationships and Organization Behavior including McGregor’s Theory Y and Theory X.

    I believe we must add, Scherer’s mentor ( and mine) Dr. Ron LIppitt to the mix of founding books. His Dynamics of Planned Change was the first book fully dedicated to OD. It came out in 1957. Has a quote in it that we can link President Obama to OD via Alinsky.

    Enough history! I believe some of us have taken their foundations and continue to master the Art of Change. We do work today that they only dreamed of doing.


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