Rev. Martin’s Assumption University Campus

Assumption University in the rice fields near Bangkok

One Response to “Rev. Martin’s Assumption University Campus”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    Three of my students.

    On the left, Jamie Saw uses OD to help run a very successful large family business with her husband.

    Veerawan Rungruangsiriwong is the greatest social psychologist of the class. (They just graduated) She just came back from a holiday along the ocean. Learned today, she is up for a career promotion.

    Do you realize that MOST managers in China, India and Thailand are very young? Most are just fantastic people with very high values, unlike the masses of youth from the USA into drugs, sex and greed… yet … they wish to dress like youth in Hollywood.

    Jerry Thamavit, with the umbrella bat, will use his OD competencies in the law profession.

    The tag line for the University is one i love. Students are prepared to “CHANGE THE WORLD”

    What a creative picture.

    The relationships in the class were so very tight. They did everything together. They shared deeply. They had each other’s back. They are do fun. They realize that they will be leaders in their country.

    I keep in touch with them on a daily basis via facebook.


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